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Recipes of the Week

Pork Rillettes
Pork Liver
Pork Paté
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Red Pepper Red Mix
A traditional seven-spice mixture. A blend of red peppers, sansho pepper, roasted orange peel, black and white sesame seeds, seaweed, and ginger. A classic combination which is very useful to have around. Usually used on Japanese noodle dishes, such as Udon and Soba.
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Truffle Caviar
Garbanzo ceci chick beans, health benefits

The antioxidant phytonutrient rich;
the Super Garbanzo. Like snowflakes, no two beans are the same, each pretty in their own right. And, as a group they are a wonderful source of nutrients. Perhaps best known as the main ingredient for Hummus, the garbanzo bean has a multitude of uses including soups, and as an important ingredient in many East Indian dishes.

The irregular-shaped smaller beans are referred to as "desi-type" and vary in color. With their thicker skin it is believed that there is a larger concentration of antioxidant phytonutrients present when compared to the rounder "kabuli-type" more commonly found at the grocer.

It may be the unusual combination of antioxidant phytonutrients combined with insoluble fiber that makes the garbanzo an important food source and potential fighter of heart and colon disease.

Click here to read about the potential health benefits of this legume.

These garbanzos are grown as a "dry" crop in a very special place in the world known as the Palouse. Geographically, this dryland farming area encompasses parts of Southeastern Washington and North Central Idaho. It is one of the great places on earth, this strangely beautiful land of humps and hollows. Created during the great ice age, the land seems to feed on the winter snows, swallowing the moisture as the snow pack melts, reserving it in the mounds for the crops to feed on during the following months.

These beans, known as ceci, chick peas, or garbanzos, from the Pacific Northwest Farmers Co-op, are so good they are touted in this months issue of Food & Wine Magazine.

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France is back in Stock Back-in-stock

I don't like prunes. I really like these. Prune People, those are people who live for prunes, tell me that the French have the best prunes. These prunes are French.

Orange peel. They're pretty simple to make. At least the mechanics to make them are. To get it right on a commercial basis is really tough. We've tried a lot of "peel", only these from France cut it!

Fruit, sugar, water, gelatin. Pates de Fruit. Sweet Fruit in little squares. Fresh, as in freshly made, are awesome! If you use the very best ingredients you can make your own with patience. And, if you don't have time, then these are the next best option. I am not sure why they are so good compared to others, but they are.

Lemon peel. We've had this wonderful peel since the beginning and we love it. Now, we know that bakers use it and love them, but we just eat them like candy!

This almond cake is dense with flavor. Packed tight in an airtight can, it's so easy to "make". Finish it with your favorite topping, like syrup, ice cream, whipped cream, or jam. It's so rich you can't believe it's gluten free!

Try it, you'll like it. Sweet, chocolaty, with all the right notes to make the perfect cup of Hot Chocolate. Whether you make it straight up with milk from a cow or from a soy bean, it's the way you want swiss miss to be.

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Italian Umbrian Fennel Pollen

Fennel Pollen
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Wild Italian Fennel Pollen from Umbria
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Chosen by Food and Wine magazine oh-so many years ago as a favorite olive oil, and as a gift you can’t go wrong with. It's still, without a doubt, one of our favorite estate olive oils from Italy.

This gold-green olive oil is intensely fruity on the nose, explosive, with bold notes of green vegetable and green tomato. It opens with a rich butteriness on the lips and tongue before giving way to olive and grassy notes.

Hints of artichoke, tomato, and a spiciness at the back of the throat give this oil a long, delightful finish. It's a full-flavored condiment olive oil with a Sicilian flair.

Try Pianogrillo on just about anything! Start with toasted bread and move on through soup, vegetable, and fish courses, all finished with Pianogrillo.

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Alaskan King Salmon
There are some who only want King and others who only want Sockeye. To me, all that matters is freshness. And right now, it's seasonally fresh King salmon time. We had a filet this past Friday and it was beautiful! Perfectly tight flesh, no fishy smell (remember if your fish smells like fish, it's old), never frozen. Our fish monger won't sell us anything that doesn't meet his standards. Don't forget, if you have any questions of any kind about the fish email us or call and ask for Eliza. She personally handles every order for fish.

What's Cooking!
We have some of the finest artisan-made foods on the planet. The history these ingredients bring with them can be over a million years old, or as new as yesterday. Whether they are a new concept or a recipe that has been passed down from generation to generation, how to use them can be simple and obvious - or not. It's Tapas night tonight!

Ever wonder what to do with an ingredient? That's what these classes are about. Don't be fooled, it's not just dessert or pasta, it's the real beans. We take the mundane and the plain, and turn it into the insane! Well, maybe not that far, but we do take some great ingredients and show you how to use them to get the most flavorful dishes and create the most memorable meals.

Perfectly tempered, organic and chocolate: 8.8 pounds of Agostoni Italian Chocolate in this giveaway! Sign up today!

This Weeks Recipes

Traditional Hummus Recipe
Hummus bi Tahini from Marion Burros. Substitute fresh Garbanzos in this recipe and move it a up a notch!

Chickea Polenta from Liguria
The orange slices help keep the moisture in when you are baking. The olive oil and the orange combine to make a nice sauce.

Garbanzo Bean Soup
This really wonderful recipe from Marcella Hazan's Essentials of Italian Cooking is a favorite of so many. We modified the ingredients just a bit and changed the name from Chick Pea to Garbanzo Bean. PS. Rumor has it that Marcella and Victor are at it again with a new cookbook! We can't wait!

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