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Marcona Almond
Rice Bran

Chili Garlic Hot Chili Garlic Sauce
Seen on so many tables in Asian restaurants, this hot Chili Garlic Sauce is great to have about. Vietnamese origins, made in LA, this is good stuff! If summer heat is your thing this is for you! Never hurts to have it in the refrigerator for your eggs or your soup!
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Cranberry Crackers

Spanish Roja
shop now for Best of the Sea The Tuna of the Sea
Good tuna is a wonderful thing. It's even better if you can eat it right out of the can.

Tuna in cans that cost 69 cents are an amazing concept. The grocer has brought you into their fold with a "loss leader", something they typically sell for less than they paid. They've got you; you have come into the store and, on checkout, you will have more than tuna in your cart. It's a good practice and, if you are making tuna casserole for a herd of teenagers, it might be just the catch you need.

Cheap tuna is not a good choice with pasta, nor is it so nice for a tuna salad sandwich. For this you really want a canned tuna that is made from a piece of fish or a couple of pieces, that actually taste like tuna. For this, you need to step up your game; go for the good and find a tuna that fits your taste palette.

Don't be shy in testing and tasting many different canned tunas, whether it is in maker or cut. Ortiz told me once that their cans have different tunas in them, and that some tuna is frozen before being canned and others are never frozen. The differences are subtle, the price is not. When you taste one over the other, you realize there is a difference, and even if subtle, it is worth getting the one you like most.

I like to think that all of our tunas are spoon ready, or in this case fork ready; ready to eat right out of the can, bare naked, open right out of the picnic basket with a pickle and a nice ginger beer. Lunch, simple, divine, bare naked!

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Raincoast Crisps Like chips and cookies, but better!
There are only a few items at the warehouse that we snack on continuously. We're surrounded by great food. We eat oatmeal almost every morning and I have been known to eat it as a late night snack. We consume honey on toast, in tea or coffee, and by the spoonful in hot water when we're sick.

Yet, when we want something to munch and crunch we turn to raincoast crisps. These addictive crackers are like the ad that ran so long ago, "betcha can't eat just one". This truly applies to this crispy cracker from our neighbors to the north. On a good day British Columbia and Raincoast Crisps are just two and half hours away.

With five flavors you'll surely find a favorite to have by your side ... There's not a universal favorite here in the warehouse; we each have at least one. Mine is cinnamon raisin, with cranberry and hazelnut following closely behind. Eliza, who is much more savory than I (or is it that I am sweeter than her,) chooses the olive and fig.

We sample raincoast crisps all day long in the store and sometimes even offer them to customers. They love them too.

Topped with a thin layer of cream cheese and honey or a sophisticated high brow cheese with a savory marmalade, it's all good! And like the potato chip, these crackers go great on top of mac and cheese!

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Effie's Homemade Cakes

Pecan Effie's
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New Effie's Pecan Cakes
I still love these cakes!

From the first bite to so many bites years later, I till look forward to when I open a package or steal a piece from the sample bag. It's the combination of how they taste and how they make you feel that creates a wonderful munch. Oats or Corn or the new Pecan cakes, Effie's has it figured out.

When you take a bite, it crumbles, it crunches, it cracks into pieces in your mouth with flavor that is delightful. These oatcakes are like a great reminder of "digestives" from England, or like a skinny shortbread, these cakes have a sweetness where the combination makes a tactile feel that is as important as the flavor.

Top them with blu, goat, brie, even cream cheese as a topping. Bite it with Oolong, Jasmine or Silver Needle Tea. Use it as a spoon for a fresh peach or a fresh organic Pluot at your next outdoor party! And imagine three small scoops of ice cream with an Effie's cake standing proudly upright!

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  Agro do Mosto

Summer Drink
It must be in the air. As the weather gets hot (and for many of you it's been too hot) we have this rush of people divulging that they have been indulging in making super rich and thick hot chocolate by the cup at home. Cocoa seems to be the comfort food of the summer! Who would have thought of such a thing! Hot weather paired with hot cocoa.

Easy to do, milk or water, spoonfuls of cocoa and vanilla, cinnamon, sugar, whatever your heart requires and feel good about yourself! I like adjusting it as I go, adding more flavors with every other sip. Even dropping in a couple of disks of chocolate can change the flavor just enough to make it full of summer fun.

Try it and you will like it!

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Fresh, Washington Cherries NOW!!!
The Early Robin and Rainier cherries have shipped. Now we move onto the sweet dark red cherries. Bings are looking like sometime early next week. A few pounds left to order! Keep Checking on Facebook for updates.

Our own version of Bacon!
This is our own version of Applewood Smoked Mangalitsa Bacon. This is really an ingredient that comes with bacon! Our secret press love it! If you are on our press list and haven't tried it let us know, it is a treat. We just finished smoking and we'll do the slicing soon.

Cooking Ingredient Class Updates

Cooking the Moroccan Table
Add some spice to your life with exotic Moroccan food. From the exotic to the quixotic, watch as Erin puts together a traditional chicken tagine with preserved lemons, and a delicious quinoa couscous, and more. Five spaces left.

Does your grilling repertoire begin and end with steak and the occasional veggie? Take your outdoor cooking one step further by putting all that good heat to work for you. We will make an entire dinner on our outdoor grill, even dessert! Bring your long tongs and get your sun hat on - and come cook in our parking lot!

The Magnificent Mediterranean
Cooling foods for a hot-weather climate. Want to indulge your taste buds all summer long, but don't want to overheat your kitchen? Learn tips and tricks from the masters of keeping things cool, and learn why the "Mediterranean Diet" is simply a way of living, and eating well.

This Weeks Recipes

Yogurt-Marinated Grilled Chicken
According to the July 2011 issue of Bon Appetit Magazine this is the perfect recipe for "grill-o-phobes." It's easy, delicious and perfect for a hot summer evening. Look for the recent issue on the newsstand.

Ancient Grains for "Risotto" Style for Summer
This is an awesome recipe using a delicious and healthy grain, emmer (farro), and seasonal summer vegetables. Michel Nischan (James Beard award winning chef) prepared this recipe at the 2011 Food and Wine Classic in Aspen, CO in June. This and many recipes are included in the program for the Aspen Classic. Consider going next year!

Sam's Sundae
We heard about this ice cream concoction from the TV Food Channel's show,"The Best Thing I Ever Ate", in 2009. We visited Bi-Rite Creamery with Giuseppe (it's his oil that makes this sundae out of this world) in San Francisco's Mission District when we were there in January 2010 to try the combination for ourselves. And, oh man! It was SOOO good!

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