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Lehua Blossoms

Honey & Cinnamon

D'Arbo Syrups

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Black Currant

Dulce de Leche

Anchovy Syrup

Reserve Tuna

Balsamic Vinegar San Giacomo
This is my favorite every day balsamic vinegar. "Drawn" after his Agro di Mosto but before his Essenza, all of his balsamic live and grow in the same barrels and all of them are moving towards becoming the cherished Tradizionale. This is a sophisticated and complex balsamic. Without any tricks to thicken the fluid, you get the flavor and notes of at least five different woods. Priced like a much more acidic, younger balsamic, this is the best deal on the quality scale.
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Reed Avocado

Anselmo Rose
Organic Big Island Bees Hawiian Honey Ohi'a Lehua Blossom Honey
Soak up the sun and live where it's fun.

Where the warm waters fill the space with moist, tranquil air. Where the air moves across the breathtaking natural beauty filling it up with fresh, floral energy. Where the energy smells full of pollen and sweetness, and the sweetness is abuzz with, well, buzzing.

The Big Island of Hawaii is still growing and it's the home to some of the world's most active beehives. Where the bees live year round on honey of their own creation, as they move from one floral crop to the next.

These are also some of the nicest bees anywhere in the world. Yes, I mean nice. That is how Garnett describe his bees, "patient, nice bees." How does that happen? He individually picks the queens that run the hives, and chooses the ones who aren't ornery. It the leader is nice, the other bees are nice too.

Or, perhaps, it's the environment that makes them so nice; both the honey and the bees. I can tell you for sure that the honey is some of the finest we have ever had. Each variety has it's own distinct flavor, yet what they share in common is a peaceful feeling of sweet tranquility.

Finally, after a long hiatus caused, in part by crushed jars, the 47 ounce Big Island Bees' Ohi'a Lehua Blossom Honey is back on the mainland. We love this honey and the big jar is not only (per ounce) just 2/3rd's of the cost of the small jar. It takes the honey from a jar to treasure to a jar to pleasure. Eat liberally and enjoy!

With this shipment is a new creation: Whendi's Lehua Ohia with Ceylon Cinnamon. Using the same local, organic Ceylon cinnamon that we carry, Whendi has created a wonderful tropical flavor combination.

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D'arbo Syrups Highly Concentrated Fruit
The D'Arbo Syrups are a wonderful collection of sweet fruitiness. Line them up and sample them all and you find each tastes just like the berry that they are made from. Blindfolded you might not be able to identify them, but for sure you can tell them apart.

Sweet, but not overly sweet; first and foremost you taste the berry. A definite spoon-ready ingredient, it's a little too much to do too often, though judging by the empty sample bottles, it might just be "lunch", or at least an afternoon snack!

I have no favorite. When I tasted them, they inspired me beyond the most obvious; as a flavorizer in mixed drinks. Think gourmet flavorings for shaved ice Hawaiian style. Or think of a sour cherry pie using Sour Cherry Syrup in place of sugar. Or, Wild Lingonberry on the perfect New York Steak, or New york Cheese Cake.

In 1879, Rudolf D'Arbo built a foundation for a "fruit steamery". Many generations later, the company was moved to Stans, Austria, about 30 kilometers to the northeast of Innsbruck. In keeping with producing the highest quality product, the family started producing this line of special fruit syrups in 1994.

A wonderful treat for the last few days of summer. Make sure to get at least one bottle for your pantry!

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Ribs cooked in Beer

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Beer Boiled Ribs
It's a recipe that has been around for some time, perhaps forever. Boil ribs in a liquid with salt, pepper, and a little heat, typically garden variety red pepper flakes. After 20 minutes or so, cook on the grill over indirect heat.

The recipe variations abound, from finishing in a slow cooker and BBQ sauce, to just slathering with BBQ sauce when on the grill. And then there are those that yell and scream that it's a sin to cook ribs this way, washing away all the flavor.

Now, perhaps with excellent beef ribs, it might be bad. But, when you have ribs, and don't want that "smoky" flavor, lightly boiling ribs in beer is a tasty way of getting a good plate of summer protein with an enjoyable flavor.

Use the beer of your choice. Some say cheaper is better, but I say when you don't know, get it from your local brewer or use what's in the fridge. Fill a pasta pot with beer, add a palm full or so of Shichimi Togarshi Red Pepper mix or dark ancho chile powder if you need more heat, salt and pepper, and then cook for 23 minutes.

The ribs will be fully cooked, but not quite fall off the bone.

To finish the ribs and get a char, pour or brush on a BBQ sauce of your choice, like Hawkshead BBQ Sauce, and cooking on medium heat, letting the sauce work its way into the meat. It's really simple and easy to do, and success is pretty much ensured. Best of all, did I say easy? It's not meant to replace the ribs that have been smoked for days; it's a different style, and very good in it's own right. My sister-in-law, Cheryl, has to have beer ribs at least once every summer and I was lucky enough to be invited to share.

PS, we like pork ribs better.

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  Sliced Pie

Chef's Pick
Chef's Pick Olive Oil

This year's oil has a very low (.13) free acidity reading, an international indicator of the oil's very high quality.

Now a four-time gold medal winner at the Los Angeles County Olive Oils of the World Competition. From over 500 entries from 18 countries, Chef's Pick was one of only 20 domestic gold medal winners! Congratulations, Albert and Kim Katz!

"Chef's Pick" extra-virgin organic olive oil (CCOF Certified) is a star of the Katz label and a four-time gold medal winner at the prestigious L.A. County Fair Olive Oils of the World Competition, currently the most prestigious competition of its kind in the United States. Chef's Pick proudly bears the California Olive Oil Council's "certified extra-virgin seal," your assurance of authenticity and high-quality.

Designed for great-value for everyday use, Chef's Pick is a carefully crafted extra-virgin olive oil blend made from olives harvested each year on Katz's organic and sustainably farmed groves in the Suisun Valley (on the eastern border of Napa).
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It's time to order giant Reed Avocados
It's hard to wait. I only have seen them. We gave away the first samples to some of our best store customers, and a couple to my parents. I can imagine, like the cherries, what the Reeds taste like. Anticipation food is a great thing, until, well now! Order now to ensure great flavor.

Hawkshead Relish is Coming!
So, a touch of Irene, extra rain and the shipping out of New Jersey has delayed the shipment. We are hoping that it will ship this week, but we understand if it takes longer!

New Batch of Smoked Mangalitsa Bacon
Been eating the ends of the bacon, and it is good! Mixed in with my eggs it is a treat. We wrapped our dates and stuffed them with almonds too. Can't beat this wonderful ingredient.

Cooking Classes Coming Up

Rustic Italian Table
In this class learn how to make dishes that are typical of the Italian countryside - not fussy, and completely satisfying. Only a few spots left, so call now.

NEW: La Cocina Mexicana
Mexican cooking is full of subtle techniques, savory ingredients you never expected, and combinations of flavors that make your eyes pop... and our taste buds smile. And since the class ends with feating on the dishes we prepared, you'll go home with more than enthusiasm for the delicious cuisine.

NEW: Cooking for the Sultan
The cookbooks of the era reveal the Ottoman court culture to have been as food obsessed as the most passionate modern foodies. Savor recipes from the kitchens of Topkapai Palace as we discuss this rich history of this ancient cuisine, and recreate some of their dishes.

This Weeks Recipes

Baked tomatoes with Salmon, Garlic & Capers
Perfect end of summer combination, and perfect way to use the end-of-season bits of frozen salmon.

Raspberry Souffle
This recipe is originally from La Cuccina Italiana Magazine (July, 2010). It reminds me of my childhood - the age of the souffle - thanks to Julia. My mom made chocolate and lemon souffle periodically -- and also cheese souffle. This one is a sweet Raspberry version - although you can easily substitute blueberries.

Chilled Avocado Soup
Another great avocado recipe. This one perfect for the end of summer heat that I hear is still hanging around the southern parts. For more avocado recipes, search on "avocado" on our site, and you will find many more ideas where this one came from.

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