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Mandarin Oil

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Vanilla Beans

Honeydew honey


Fig Balsamic

Rice Bran Oil



Rock Candy



Camelina Oil



Steak Sauce

Chicken Chicken Stock
Unlike a demi-glace, this Glace de Poulet is made without flour as a thickener, producing a clean, light flavor that is appropriate for modern cuisine. Stock, rich with roast chicken flavor, is reduced to 1/20th of its volume, yielding a rich and complex "glaze." Gluten free.
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Nut Mix
Heilala Vanilla Islands Hay La La (Heilala) Vanilla

It's been an interesting trip. Like a well planned adventure that has not been fully completed, we have tried many paths to get here.

We have heard so many "stories" about vanilla and the beans, so much so that we avoid vanilla salesmen. So it was a rare event when we met a vanilla extract that told it's own story, and the person who was "selling" the vanilla spoke with pride about the people who extracted the magical flavor.

Heilala Vanilla Islands-
Their story began not about vanilla, but about a dormant piece of land. Set in the narrow band, where vanilla grows, of 20 degrees on each side of the equator, it is one of 27 or so in the world, sitting in a Kingdom on an exotic tropical island. It is on this island that the local Chief gifted the land to three Kiwis with a plan to develop employment for his villagers.

The three Kiwis invested their respective expertise, experience and hard labor, along with three years of organic practices to clear the land and nurture the vines to harvest the first 40kg of Vanilla pods in 2005. From then till now, the crop has grown and the vanilla has been perfected. It is now large enough to produce a small commercial crop.

In the grocer, vanilla most often comes in one form, 1X or one fold. The Heilala Vanilla we are offering is 2X. Twice the flavor in the same sized bottle. If you do the math this means half the amount needed for any given recipe.

Over the last 8 years, I have tasted a lot of vanilla "straight" up, and none even comes close to Heilala. Because we know it was just harvested and extracted with exquisite care and with great attention to detail, Heilala have a freshness that is distinct in it's clarity making this vanilla stand out from all others.

read about how the alcohol used makes this vanilla extract gluten free!

read more about the Heilala here

Hawkshead Hot Horseradish Sauce Hawkshead Hot Horseradish

A classic horseradish sauce fit to crown the King of English roasts. This is a chunky, hot and delicious horseradish condiment. The perfect accompaniment for roast beef and surprisingly good with smoked fish, too. As the holiday festivities approach, having a jar of Horseradish from Hawkshead is essential for your pantry!

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Umbrian Mandarin Olive Oil Mandarin Olive Oil
In ancient times, portions of Umbria were conquered by the Etruscans and became part of what the Romans called Etruria -- the name adopted by Giuseppe for the name of his Umbrian specialty products company.

In this bottle, the Mandarin oranges and their wonderful citrus sweetness (think of that little spritz of oil when you peel a tangerine) blended perfectly with the olive's robust fruity oils to create a magical flavor. Like Giuseppe's Sorrento Lemon olive oil, this full-flavor combination is not just for table finishing, it also holds up well in the heat of the kitchen.

This is one my all time favorite oils! The opening of the bottle allows the wonderful escape of essence of Mandarin. Place on fish, on fruit, in a cake, or even in a cookie. The twist of citrus, that is just not lemon, makes this an oil to have at the ready this season!

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Award winning smoked turkey The Best Smoked Turkey!
A few years back, Marian Burros of the NY Times wrote about Rick of A&J Meats fabulous applewood smoked turkey. It is such an honor to have her choose any food as she has eaten and tried so much food in her life as a writer! We miss her Holiday Roundup, she always had such amazing finds! We have an extremely limited number of Turkeys this year. With the loss of so many turkeys in the midwest due to the severe weather, there is a shortage of turkeys nationwide.

From Marian's write up: "The flavor of this moist organic turkey is enhanced by gentle smoking to order after a soaking in brown sugar and salt by a small local market in Seattle. One taste and you will never want a bird whose smoky, acrid taste comes from chemicals."

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Chocolate Filled Candy Canes Chocolate Filled Candy Canes
Don't forget to order your Chocolate-Filled Candy Canes. We bought what we could, but this is the last year (unless they change their minds) for these fun treats. They are closing the local candy shop, and moving it far, far away. Buy in quantities of 24 and get the case price! Last year we sold out in two weeks and got more. This year, there is no more! Made right here in Kent, Washington, USA.

Shop now for the hand made candy cane filled with love!

  Olive Oil

Agro di Mosto

An early detour from the wood barrels into a bottle, here lies one of the most delicious flavors you can have! This very unique flavor is a simple, sharp-like finishing balsamic vinegar flavor. What's fun is, along with the vinegar, the sweetness that comes through is wonderful. You can taste the future. Pulled from barrels where the vinegar inside is being nurtured to become a tradizionale in a few years time.

Priced to be used liberally, this is the lowest priced "balsamic" vinegar we have! Don't be fooled, this is one place where price is not a reflection of quality, but in fact a mirror of quality extracted from that for which all of San Giacomo products are.

Oil Shop Now for Agro di Mosto!


Dark Chocolate Twigs
Elegant twigs of chocolate with with a hint of natural orange to complement delicious deep dark cocoa notes, Sarments du Médoc are an elaborate, original product. A strict selection of the best chocolate varieties blended with carefully selected flavors results in a chocolate twig with a delicate, unique taste.They are perfect to accompany your cappuccino or hot chocolate.

This Weeks Recipes

Braised Fennel
From and Michael Natkin; "Braising is something of a lost art, which is a shame because it isn't at all difficult to do. Learn a couple of basic moves and you'll be rewarded with a succulent, richly flavored, rustic dish that will have you and your guests mopping up every last bit of sauce."

Mandarin Olive Oil cake with Coconut
A modern mix of ingredients come together in a delicious cake. Pretty much a mix and bake.

Mom's Turkey Stuffing
It's time to think about who's stuffing recipe you are going to make this year. For me, it's just not Thanksgiving without my Mom's classic stuffing.

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