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Balsamic Vinegar 20-yr Balsamic
This Balsamic Condimento is called "Goccia," and it can trace its roots back twenty years. It is not as thick as some much younger condimentos, and this indicates a great degree of skill on the part of the producers.The flavor opens with woody notes and hints of truffle, before blossoming into a very complex fruit filled mid palate with a cascade of blackberry and black cherry notes.
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Pyramide pralus

Stollen stollen
Good Works Wine Club This article is sponsored by the Good Works Wine Club. Good Works Wine Club
Good Wine...Good Cause...Good Idea
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I have to admit, I am not a big wine drinker for two key reasons: First, like so many of us my first "taste" was when I was very young; when, compared to apple sauce and juice, red wine tasted like vinegar. So, that pretty much squelched my interest for a very long time.

Second, my palate was spoiled by a very special event almost 19 years ago. It was our first wedding anniversary, and our friends, Don and Karol, (Don was the "cook" for Chef Louis) took us to a fancy-dancy place near'ish to ORD (O'Hare Airport). Since Don had traded photography services for food we got the most expensive dishes on the menu, and we still had "money" to "eat".

So, Don bought a couple of bottles of wine that were, needless to say, divine. It was that experience that made me realize why some of the world revere wine as the holy sanctimony. I figured I could never afford that quality of wine again.

Fast forward to now, some 19 years later, and the world of wine has changed. There are more varieties available, although not perhaps more of the very best. One is hard pressed to drink wildly expensive wines with every meal, when so many grapes are grown and so many great wines are created.

So today, to the benefit of the consumer, the opportunities for finding palatable wine is much easier. The real problem is, how do you know what's in the bottle? Usually we rely on reviews, tasting and price.

Let's face it, price is no longer a reliable indicator, except perhaps when considering the very highest echelons. And, the inexpensive generic wines can be good this week and horrendous the next. If you like the hit or miss, then go ahead and roll the dice.

But, there just might be a better way. Good Works Wine Club came to us and asked if we would "present" them to you, our readers. We like what they are doing, and their satisfaction guaranteed policy makes this concept a winner.

Here is what they do; six great reasons to try them out:

First, they taste test every wine before offering it to you - choosing what works.

Second, they buy in 1000 case lots that you will usually only see in fancier bottles. And they pass those savings onto you.

Third, they give you 40% off your first order.

Fourth, they sell on a subscription plan that really works ... so the pain of thinking about what to order is gone, and you automatically get good wine on a regular basis that fits your desires.

Fifth, they give a percentage of the proceeds to a charity of your choosing. Yes, you are making a donation while you drink! (I guess that makes your wine drinking is tax-deductible!)

And last, they guarantee you'll love your wine. If you aren't happy with a bottle, they will give you a replacement for free!

Now -- a wine that is tax-deductible, discounted, and guaranteed to make you happy or a replacement is on its way? Cheers!

Delicious, Deductible Wine - click here.

Check out the membership options here.

Italian Panettone Sorrento Lemon Panettone!


I'm still smitten. It is soft and buttery, and its candied lemon replaces the conventional raisins and candied citron.
-- Marian Burros in the New York Times

This hand-wrapped package tied with a shimmering gold ribbon contains one of the most delicious panettone we've ever tasted.

The reports are in. It's still amazing and if you leave it open on the table, it's gone in under 30 minutes.

No rain-checks or backorders on these baked-to-order holiday treats as what we have is what we get for the year. Limited supply.

Shop now for Panettone Pandoro Pandoro Classico
Traditional Italian sweat bread,
made with the same yeast as the panattone, but without the candied fruit and without the raisins. Pandoro is one of Martha Stewart's favorites for making french toast, because of its fluted shape; when sliced horizontally, it makes a lovely star shaped slice.

About G. Cova Pasticceria G. Cova & Co was established in Milano, Italy in 1930, and has been owned and operated by Giovanni Cova and his family ever since. Known for their quality ingredients and innovative combinations, Cova is the panettone maker for the stars, making pastries and panettone for some of the luxury global cruise lines and distinguished guests.

Shop now for Pandoro!

  Sparkling Vinegar

Aceto di Vino

One of the finest vinegars we have ever seen. Using local Lambrusco wine grapes, makes this a rare vinegar indeed.

It jumps off the spoon with the punch of vinegar but quickly dissipates as the flavor rolls across your palate with a sweetness. I don't mean sugar sweet, but a wine like sweetness. Where some vinegars make a pronounced statement, this one comes across as refined, complex, and very friendly.

From the moment your mouth is exposed to the flavors, you find yourself trying to describe and explore the nuances that this vinegar has.

It is not for everyone. But if you know your vinegars, this is one that you should add to your cupboard. More than once I have seen a person close their eyes right after this elixir touches their palate. And it's not from a sharpness typical of some vinegars, but from bliss.

Vinegar Shop Now for Aceto di Vino!

Just-in-Updates - Weekend tasting Party - Saturday and Sunday!

Olio Nuovo
The Italians have arrived and are tasting like it's going to be a good year. Order now, we start shipping soon. If you are in town, (Seattle), come on down to our store at 1425 Elliott Avenue W, Seattle, WA 98119 on Saturday, December 10 and Sunday, December 11 from 10:00 am - 5:00 pm. to taste the oils and break bread with us.

This Weeks Recipes

Cold Israeli Couscous Salad with Walnut Oil Recipe
This is a great cold pasta salad for between the holidays and very easy to make. It takes advantage of vegetables, and with the addition of toasted walnut oil it has a nice toasted aroma. You can use any vegetables that are in season - use your imagination.

Potatoes au Gratin
This is one of my favorite recipes. If you know how to make a classic white sauce, the rest is pretty easy.

Paula Wolfert's Toulouse-style Cassoulet
The classic and complicated French recipe that, sooner or later, many advanced cooks try to conquer. There are many versions of cassoulet out there -- some more complicated than others. This recipe is adapted courtesy of Food & Wine Magazine, and the famed Mediterranean cookbook author, Paula Wolfert.

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