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Bacon Jam

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Get ready to make a food bowl. Click on the photos below!

Hawkshead Steak Steak Sauce

Rub with Love rub with love

bayou swamp scum

Pickled beans pickled beans

hawkshead marmalade Red Onion Marmalade
This ain't for your toast! This "marmalade" is the perfect match with grilled big fish, lamb, cheese or a touch for your salad! Red onions, raisins and pine nuts in a caramelized balsamic vinegar! What could be better? Another Silver Great Taste Award Winner from Mark at Hawkshead.
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Pyramide Pralus

medjool dates medjool dates
Mama Lils Original Pappers The Super Bowl of Food

There are many great factoids, true or not, about the Super Bowl and the food that goes with it. And, whether or not you watch, participate or enjoy Super Sunday, it doesn’t mean that you can’t join in the communal fun by eating on what has become the Super Food Bowl!

Did you know that more avocados are eaten on Super Bowl Sunday than any other day? It's not actually true. There is another holiday that eats more; about 160 million avocados will be consumed on Sunday the Fifth of February this year! And something like 112 million slices of pizza will be eaten.

Rick from A&Js Meats (think smoked turkey and hams) told me that on the day of the big game people eat: baby back ribs, chicken wings, steaks, sausages, chili (think chili cook-offs), hot dogs of all kinds (Rick has some 8 variations of wieners and dogs!), and, of course, Maui Ribs. And everyone buys them on Saturday. No reason to plan....

Over the course of the day, some 156 billion calories will be consumed!

Even if you don't watch, you can watch your health by eating super guacamole with our secret ingredient. It's healthy because the avocados provide almost 20% essential nutrients, including fiber, potassium, B-Vitamins, Vitamin E, and folic acid. As a nutrient booster, avocados help the body absorb fat-soluble nutrients, and are full of rich, unique flavor. And though we don't have Reeds right now, you should be able to find California Avocados at your local market.

Some really easy recipes to bring to the party or eat at home with a good cookbook;

Super Guacamole:

It's all about the crush of the right ingredients. Jesse, who has the knack for making things taste good, had a Reed ready and ripe, but no tomato. So, he found a "red" substitute. And what a change it made! The best guacamole we have ever had! Include Mama Lil's Peppers of any heat, and it will change your guacamole for life!

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Mama Lils Peppers Beef and Lamb Sliders
Not for the faint of heart, or those with a troubled heart. These sliders are full of flavor, with lots of heart stopping fat. Mix equal parts ground lamb and ground beef with salt and pepper to taste, add in a small amount of diced Mama Lil's Peppers. Coat your favorite cast iron pan with 1/3 cup of lard; cook your bacon to add flavor to the fat; remove the bacon and add your slider patties. Cook to your own perfection. Light pink in the very middle is my preference; remove from the pan to drain. Place the patty on a small bun, then crack an egg straight away into the oil in the pan; sparkle and crackle and then pull the egg and top with the bacon and then top with relish! Hawkshead Piccalilli or Westmorland chutney are perfection when it comes to relish.

Stuffed potatoes:

Remember the revival rage in the 80's of baked potatoes topped with sour cream, chives and bacon crumble? Then it turned into adding anything leftover in the kitchen on top and it had it's own category on the menu! I really liked those potatoes! The best way to make them is to lop the top, pull the potato out of the skin, mix in your favorite ingredient, like truffle oil, put it all back in and then top with bacon and sour cream. To mix it up, try a little Mama Lil's or Red Onion Marmalade. Any relish mixed in, or chutney, is the perfect combination. Not too much as you want the hot potato to wrap the relish, not the other way around!

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bacon wrapped dates recipe

Skillet Bacon Jam
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Bacon Wrapped Dates:
With a pair of needle nose pliers, all you need is Medjool dates, some bacon, marcona almonds, and an oven of some sort and Bob's your uncle! Bacon Wrapped Dates!

Megan's weird stuffed rolls.

Take pre-made frozen pop-up rolls, like Pillsbury, and before baking them, slice open the top, spoon in Bacon Jam and every guy in the world will love it, or so she says. Try it and let us know!

Some final Super Bowl myths:

The SBI (Super Bowl Indicator) depending on which team wins the stock market will be up or down for the year.

That the city sewers fail at half-time is the one I really like. It's not the sewer overflowing, but the massive action that causes it!

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  Olio Nuovo
Etruria is in the house!

Vino Vinegar
Lambrusco Vinegar

One of the finest vinegars we have ever seen. Using local Lambrusco wine grapes, makes this a rare vinegar indeed.

It jumps off the spoon with the punch of vinegar but quickly dissipates as the flavor rolls across your palate with a sweetness. I don't mean sugar sweet, but a wine like sweetness. Where some vinegars make a pronounced statement, this one comes across as a refined, complex, and very friendly.

From the moment your mouth is exposed to the flavors, you find yourself trying to describe and explore the nuances that this vinegar has.

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Knife Sharpening
We are now offering a way to sharpen your favorite knives. (Sorry not for online customers.) Every Wednesday the knives will be picked up and returned on the following Saturday.

Cooking Classes with Chef Lauren

Cooking the Winters Farmers' Market with Chef Lauren Feldman. Come join us.

This Weeks Recipes

Traditional Hummus Recipe
Marion Burros has the classic recipe in her book "Cooking for Comfort". Though she might not have been intending it for a Super Bowl bowl, it's perfect.

Pasta Kalamata olives and Feta
Greek Kalamata olives are rich and fruity, and make this Mediterranean-style recipe truly decadent.

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