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Ortiz Escabeche

Ortiz Sardines

Fennel Pollen

Spice it up

with flavor

turmeric turmeric may
ward off alzeimer's!

madras curry powder curry powder
filled with tumeric

Hungarian sweet paprika sweet paprika
capsicum annuum

oregon growers wild huckleberry spread wild huckleberry
conserve spread

salts from the world hand selected salt
Salt, we learned over the last 12 years or so, can be wildly different, very much the same, have its own unique taste or be, well, simply salty. Not easy to sample as, after you have tried three or so, the saltiness takes over. We hand select all our salts and use them all in our cooking. Salt is more than a seasoning, it can be a beautiful garnish!

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ortiz mussels escabeche Escabéche
Ortiz Mussels

Mejillones en escabéche is exactly what it sounds like. Common tapas that you will find in Spain made of mussels marinated in vinegar and spices and fried in olive oil.

Don't be fooled by the can, the quality and the taste, especially when made by Ortiz in Spain, are some of the finest mussels you will find. Whether poached or fried, seafood of all kinds can make escabéche. Like all of Ortiz's products, when you open the can you know you are about to have one of the finest foods on the planet!

Caught in the Ria de Arousa, a saline estuary in Spain, these mussels are quite special. When you open a can it's best to have a friend or two, or you will eat them all yourself. Just like candy, or like potato chips, 'bethcha can't eat just one!"

Eat them straight out of the can, lay them out in a oval dish as an appetizer, or place on a small piece of toasted bread. Simple and easy, yet top notch for any connoisseur.

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Ortiz sardines in olive oil Sardines!
Ortiz sardines in olive oil

Gorgeous tails of really big sardines! Carefully made, getting each of these pieces (about 5) into the jar intact takes practice and mastery. Hand cleaned one by one, they are then fried in olive oil and packed carefully in olive oil. Made fresh and then aged to improve the flavor over years makes a mellow and delicate sardine.

Not to be compared with other sardines, these are special. If you like sardines, then you will love these! Holding the jar in your hand you can't help but be awed by the quality.

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italian fennel pollen from umbria

Fennel pollen
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Fennel Pollen
Back in stock and just in time for summer

Our last shipment was lost in space! It disappeared in transit from Umbria to us. Our next shipment has finally arrived and it's ready to go, just in time for the summer season. We are out at home and, as the summer season begins, it's the go to herb to spice up a dish. A pinch goes a long ways!

Use it like salt and pepper, just add it! Think a wonderful chicken coated with olive oil, sea salt and pepper, and then fennel pollen. Grill it and you get fennel pollen chicken! It's a twist to easy grilling.

We have tried many a fennel pollen from lots of places, and this "stuff" from Umbria is tby far he best! Not only does it add punch, it keeps its punch for a long, long time!

Wild Fennel Pollen is made from fennel flowers picked at full bloom. The plants are then dried and the pollen is sifted out, creating a seasoning that has the flavor and aroma of fennel, but with far greater intensity. Nothing is added to this beautiful golden-green dust - its incredible flavor stands on its own!

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  Bing Cherries
picked-at-their-peak cherries

rainier cherries
Rainier Cherries

The Rainier Cherry is the sweetest of all the sweet cherries. With its characteristic cream-colored flesh, Rainier Cherry farmers will not pick them until the sugar brix (a measure of how sweet the cherry is) reach 17. But, some wait until they reach 20 brix. That is one of the reasons they are so memorable -- and addictive. The Rainier is a cross between a Bing and a Van -- two sweet-red varieties. Created by Harold Fogle in 1952, who, at the time, directed the cherry breeding program at Washington State University. And, boy, are we happy that Harold did what he did.
cherry cherries

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Cooking Class with Chef Erin - Rock the Casbah: Moroccan Cooking - August 8th
Add some spice to your life with exotic Moroccan food. We'll be demonstrating exotic yet simple dishes you can make at home including olives with harissa, chicken tagine with preserved lemons and olives, quinoa "couscous", harissa & chickpea soup, Moroccan coconut "cake".

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