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smoked turkey smoked turkey
The New York Times said this is the best smoked turkey in the country! The perfect size, this fully cooked applewood smoked turkey is not to big, with every inch having a wonderful light smoke flavor. From the skin to the thigh, paired with a juicy cranberry sauce and every bite is a treat! Order now as we have a limited supply.

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Flamigni Panettonne About Flamigni
est. in 1930 where the "mother" yeast is over 70 years old

Like many great Panettone makers, the origins of the Flamigni Company date back to 1930, when the three Flamigni brothers opened their first operation in the main square of Forlì, Italy, in the center of the region of Romagna. Today, the Flamigni Company remains family run, with the founder’s granddaughter, Renata, running international sales and export, and her brother, Missimo, managing domestic sales.

For over seventy years, the making of the now-famous Panettone has been done in the traditional way, starting with quality ingredients, followed by the continued use of a recipe passed down through the generations, and meticulous control over the entire production process.

What is Panettone?

Panettone is northern Italy’s answer to Christmas cake. Where the Germans have Stollen, the Italians have Panttone; a light and airy leavened broche-like bread studded with candied fruit, raisins and other luscious goodies – like chocolate, figs and candied pear. Unlike American fruitcake, Panettone is light and less sweet. Often wrapped with impeccable care, there is nothing quite like a beautifully wrapped Panettone on the Christmas breakfast table.

Even more important, Panettone is a treat that is almost impossible to replicate at home. The secret combination of ingredients and process is a well-kept secret, and takes years to perfect. There is nothing quite as delicious as good Panettone - and nothing quite as horrid as a bad one.

Mother & Time

Now one of Italy’s top Panettone makers, their secret “sauce” has been handed down and improved over three generations. It’s the magic combination of quality ingredients, the natural rising process, and the Flamigni mother yeast – the starter which is said to have been nurtured and guarded with loving care for over 100 years.

The mother yeast is the company jewel, and is the basis of their daily production. Every 15 days, they take the mother yeast, and add flour and water, and then let her reproduce. The Mother is what gives Flamigni Panettone their unique flavor and characteristics. Like a fine cheese or wine or vinegar maker, it is the mother that provides that mysterious and indescribable jus ne sais quoi.

Making the perfect panettone takes over 36 hours. The process starts with preparing the dough by combining flour, butter, sugar and egg. When ready, the dough is then mixed with candied fruit, egg yolks, raisins, and whatever else needs to be added (depending on the flavor,) and then the batter in a warm room for eight hours to rise. Then it is kneaded into perfect balls, tops with the appropriate topping, and baked to perfection. Once baked, they are inverted and left to cool for 13 hours. This prevents the cake from collapsing.

The extraordinary softness of the Panettone Flamigni is obtained thanks to the scrupulous choice of natural ingredients of the best quality, the continuous check of temperature and humidity, the slow baking, and the cooling in the classic upside-down position. When ready, each cake is wrapped to delight even the most discriminating holiday table.

Because, when it comes to Panettone, you can’t rush perfection.

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Trappist Abbey Monks Award Winning Fruitcake The time of year!
Fabulous Fantastic Fruitcake

This time of year as the holiday cakes start to arrive, there's nothing like the arrival of the fruitcakes. Even though we now carry them year round and realize they're not just a holiday cake, there's something special when the first shipment from Oregon arrives of the Trappist Abbey Monks fruitcakes.

It sets the tone for the next two months as we rush around sorting product and getting it ready to ship. There's something calming and refreshing about the tradition of stacking the fruitcakes high in the store.

Perhaps our attachment to the fruitcake is also founded in our first trip to meet Father Richard and the Monks in Oregon a few years back.

This fruitcake is delightfully moist yet not overly sticky, easy to slice ultra thin when chilled in the refrigerator or freezer. Fruitcake goes perfectly with a cup of coffee in the morning, a cup of hot chocolate by the fire in the afternoon, and with your tea before bedtime.

Excusing the standard jokes, fruitcake will last the holiday season with ease. And, though I don't eat large chunks, I do like my thin slice around this time of year.

The heartiest of cakes, fruitcakes have a long history going back to the Romans and even Moses who reportedly ate fruitcake, too. Often eaten as a sign of wealth, the tradition of preserving fruits not from your local area was a way of having the bounty of the summer in the winter without refrigeration.

Make your own or try the award winning Trappist Abbey fruitcakes.

Read about our trip to the monastery.

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parmigian-reggianno 36 month plus aged

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Last chance for Parmigiano-Reggiano
and Award Winning Applewood Smoked Turkey

With less than a wheel of cheese to go, if you are thinking about how great Parmigiano-Reggiano would be this year as encrusted topping on potatoes, or topped with your finest balsamic vinegar, now is the time to order up. We crack the wheel next Monday and ship it on Tuesday. It's been selling like hotcakes so don't miss out. Aged over 40 months this late spring/early summer cheese captures spring flowers and summer greens along with the crunchy crystalline of a great aged Parmigiano-Reggiano.


Applewood Smoked-to-Order Turkey is a wonderful way to alleviate the pressure to make your own. We have so many people at home for Thanksgiving that we need more than one turkey, and a smoked one adds variety and ease.

Even though it's a smoked-to-order Turkey, we have to order fresh turkeys, not frozen, months in advance. Small turkeys, ironically, are more expensive, and Rick is very particular about the size to make sure the smoking/cooking is perfect. So we are limited to the number we have pre-ordered. We have less than a dozen left, so make sure you order now. When we are out, we are out!

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  kamut pasta
Kamut-Triticum Turgidum Turanicum- Pasta

olive oil
Where the bottle is as gorgeous as the oil!

Les Terroirs de Marrakech Olive Oil is another superior olive oil from the Aqallal family. Pressed from 100% Picholine du Languedoc olives grown in century old groves originally planted by Baron Rothschild.

The perfect marriage of an old grove, new approach to harvest, and the influence of both Spain and Morocco to enhance the flavors and enhance the result to one of the best oils we have ever tasted.

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Give the gift of class! Cooking that is.
Taste-of-the-Cakes coming!

Small Plates and Appetizers Class - with Chef Pam!
Be prepared for any pot-luck or holiday meal, or throw an appetizer party this year -- after all, "small plates" are all the rage. Add to your repertoire with five easy recipes from Pam's list of quick and easy, go-to hors d'ouevres. She will show you how to make some of the recipes she uses when catering for others or throwing a party at home. Five fool-proof winners that are simple to make and guaranteed to please.

Now Open Sundays 11 to 4! Everyday is like, well, "Christmas"! New arrivals of new foods and old favorites. Come and see what s getting opened this week!

It's a party! It's our 11th Annual Taste-of-the-Cakes! Three days of glory and tasting fun after Thanksgiving. Friday, Saturday and Sunday! Meet some of the local producers and importers! Drink Espresso, Hot Chocolate, and Chai! And of course open your mouths to taste the Panettones and the fabulous Stollen!

And don't forget to watch Top Chef on Bravo tonight! The city of Seattle is featured and you might catch a glimpse of us!

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