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Stocking Stuffers

Top Ten Gifts

Nonnettes with honey

Category - Holiday Gourmet Gifts

dessert sauces

tuna The first tuna
we put in a stocking

bonito tuna this oval shaped can
of tuna slides easily into the toe

albacore a big favorite
and fills the trio of tuna

balsamic balsamic essence
the runaway hit this year

stocking suffers

chocolate chocolate raspberry twigs fill
the middle of any stocking

prunes I don't like prunes, but
I love these prunes

almonds nothing as sweet as
almonds in sugar

licorice it's candy
disguised as licorice

hot mustard XXX Hot Mustard
Just the name can make one nervous. Protect the nostrils is the first thought I had, and I am right, even a "pass" of the nose across the jar lets you know that there just might be some heat in there. It does, have heat, that is. It starts sweet, a hint of sharpness, but then the heat rips up through the left nostril. It packs a bit of heat, but it still tastes like mustard.

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gourmet food stocking stuffers A different kind of Stuffing
Boots, Clogs or Stockings

Whether the shoe fits or not, whether you are a nobleman or one of his daughters, boots, clogs or stockings work just fine. The actual history of why we “hang stockings with care” is as clear as night. Before, according to written stories and even before trees were cut to place presents under, we had clogs, rubber boots and stockings to fill.

No matter the vehicle to transport our fondness for others, we, as humans pass on the most personal of giving, foods. Though a new Estes model rocket, or Lincoln Logs, receiving Midge, Barbie’s best friend, or The Game of Life, nothing holds a candle to the Easy-Bake-oven.

So, many years later, food, before or after the oven, seems to be the most cherished gift we get. From Krispie Christmas Tree Treats or perfect latkes, it represents how we feel and the effort is worth it. If you love sugar covered almonds, or L'acienne Hot Chocolate, when you get them, it is wonderful!

Every item in this newsletter has a wonderful history of being stuffed in a stocking, and many have a history dating back centuries! We choose our favorites and share them here.

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Einkorn Emmer Spelt A Trio of Grains
The oldest grains known to man

Three grains. Known as Farro, or a grain with a hull, comprise some of the oldest grains known to man. Some consider these grasses the father of modern wheat as these cereal grains were first encountered in the "fertile crescent".

With a combined age of 1.7 million, give or take a couple of hundred thousand, these are perfect for the person who likes to cook. Just to look at them is like a history lesson. You can see how the grain has progressed in characteristics. And when you cook them you taste and feel how they are different and how they are the same.

Three shiny bags, each hold 1 pound of history. Bring history to the holidays!

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* honey Leatherwood Honey Drops
Full of honey flavor, these little candies will surprise at the first taste. Healthy and good, they fit perfectly in a clog, and when the windmills are turning from the north winds, they keep the throat happy! Perfect for the very top of the stocking.

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* caviar Black Caviar
A lot less expensive than other caviars, these are absolutely gorgeous and any good cook will be happy to receive them. Planted by a farmer who must be at least 6'4" who was in our shop today. Fits in most stockings.

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* Mother Sperry Plum Pudding Mother Sperry's Plum Pudding
This classic red box is synonymous with the holidays here at ChefShop. We love this easy to warm plum pudding. This year seems especially good! Even those who make their own have admitted it's pretty darn good. We sampled more this year than ever before, if that is any indication on how good it is! Ok, so it won't fit in a stocking, it could rest on a boot just fine.

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* Trappist Abbey Fruitcake Trappist Abbey Fruitcake
This is the fruitcake that you keep for yourself. Slice it paper thin when chilled and it looks like a stained glass window. At the end of any day, good or bad, this is perfect with your cup of tea!

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* bitters Bitters & Mixers
Inventive mixers in your life will explode with ideas when you stuff them with Bitters and sweet syrups. Tasted straight up only one makes you cringe, all the rest, well, WOW!! Anything bitter fits any stocking hung with care. The sweets, not so much.

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French Nonnettes

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French Nonnettes
Orange and Raspberry Little Cakes

Nonnettes are similar to Pain d'épices in that they are a "spice-bread" that has honey as a key ingredient. These "Nonnettes" are from Les Ruchers de Bourgogne, the beekeepers who make some of the finest honeys we have ever had!

Like a small round cake, slightly larger than a mouthful, with a center of jam, it is not the jam that's "featured", it is in fact the bread itself. It is hard to explain how these cakes are. The outside smells like a gingerbread and when you take the first bite the honey sugar on the outside crinkles in your mouth.

The outside blends with the "cake", soft and chewy, it is a drier feel than you might expect, it is more like a super soft ginger bread cookie. The jam in the center is a little pocket of topping in reverse, as if you dolloped the bread yourself.

The spices and the honey in the "bread" are quite a combination that is both subtle and tasty. Perhaps not for everyone, every element of this delicious cake is top notch! I love this cake and it's bigger brother Pain d'éspices. I could eat all 6 in one sitting! Will easily fit in a stocking, but be careful not to squish!

Want to impress your home Francophile who cooks only French? They will love you for this ….

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  Katz olive Oil
katz December's New Oil
A new year, a new oil. After one tough year on the earth, the olives have come back. Albert's December oil is always aggressive and in your face, and this year is no different! Click on to read the tasting notes.

olive oil
Pianogrillo olio nuovo

There is a reason this oil is loved by so many. The Olio Nuovo has a character that is just plain friendly. Always liked and this years is the best it has been in three! Not too much cough or green, it really is worth stuffing your stocking with this bottle. Click to read this year's tasting notes.

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