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In this issue:
Big Island Bees


fennel pollen

black rice forbidden rice
hei mey

honey drops drops of honey
from tasmania

smoked ham berkshire heritgae
bone-in ham

israeli couscous couscous
north african pearls

lemon colomba lemon colomba
far west italy

tuna fish a can of tuna
easy to open, portioned and ready to eat anywhere, whether mixed with mayonnaise and relish or eaten with a spoon, great "canned" tuna is the candy of the sea. (not chicken!)

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Farmhouse Culture Sauer Kraut Super Sauer Kraut
Farmhouse Culture Kraut

As we were getting ready to pouch this new announcement for Farmhouse Cultureís amazing Kraut, I went looking for ideas for what to do with Kraut. Our usual process for foods here is to eat it, plain jane. Thatís always the best way to compare. Rarely, if ever does a product do better when it is ďappliedĒ to itís natural environment on a plate than when compared side by side to the other apple, so to speak.

Sauerkraut is a little different, if you like it, eating out-of-hand, so to speak, is great. On the other hand (typically the left) many think of sauerkraut when it is attached to a Reuben, a sandwich that is. The perfect Reuben is corned beef, Russian Dressing, sauerkraut, swiss cheese and butter to toast the rye bread.

Other great ways are topping to your beef frank, drained and mixed into a salad of veggies or when added into a soup towards the end of cooking. Sauerkraut likes to pair with onion, celery, peppers and sausage.

The coolest thing about eating sauerkraut is you get all these amazing health benefits. With things like, being rich in fibers and vitamin c, isothiocyanates and healthy bacteria (in Farmhouse Culture their cabbage is alive, not all sauerkraut is), which, like yogurt, is good for you too.

As noted above, not all sauer ďkrautĒ is created equally, and not all are still alive. Farmhouse Culture is a cut above all others and their Good Food Award in 2012 is proof! Itís not just fermented cabbage, like all great products, itís worth trying, especially if you donít like the shelf stable stuff you can get in the ďaislesĒ. You might just be swayed, at least at the gut level.

Now packaged in a pouch to make shipping safer and lighter! Donít forget, itís alive! And needs to stay that way. Expedited shipping is required.

May fight cancer, prevent diarrhea, supply you with healthy bacteria and vitamin C!

Shop now for super healthy sauer Kraut!

Sea Salt is healthy and good for you Our bodies need salt.
The importance of salt.

In our little world of food we seem to have made an enormous effort to remove salt from our diet in recent years. Age, low salt diets, collision avoidance just in case it effects our blood pressure. And in NYC they banned salt altogether from the island ... (not really)

The question is, is this a good thing? Removing the massive amount of salt/sodium and flavor enhancers like things, like MSG, often called flavorings, have to be good for your health. And our move away from ďtableĒ salt that has flow enablers and changing to sea salt with lower sodium and higher in minerals content is better for us, at least we think so.

Some say salt can play a part in hyponatremia, oral rehydration therapy, asthma, depression and, well just about anything. Itís an important nutrient in your body, and when you balance the intake, it keeps you balanced.

Find the right amount ... and you might find you need more salt in your life!

Shop now for healthy Salt!

Madras Curry Powder

curry powder
Shop Now at gourmet
Merwanjee Poonjiajee & Sons Private LTD
Established 1876
Sun Brand Madras Curry Powder tin encases a recipe that has been handed down generation to generation, maintaining the quality that the two founders, Merwanjee and Poonjiajee, created 136 years ago.

Madras Curry is like many spice mixtures, there are many variations of the ingredients and proportions. Madras, (or Madrasapattinam) India, now called Chennai, in Tamil Nadu, India, is on the Coromandel Coast and the second largest port in India. Sun Brand Madras Curry was one of the first curries to be exported.

We carry this brand because we have many curry lovers who tell us it is the best that you can find out there. You, of course can make your own ... but we like the very fine powder and the ease of having it in our Essential Pantry. The tin is old school too and worth having.

Shop now for Curry Powder of Madras!
olive oil
The Miracle is back
in stock! Desert Miracle is a smooth operator. With attention to detail this orchard has been rewarded with winning awards! Located in the desert these olives are exposed to more sun than any oil we know of.

rice bran oil
Rice Bran Oil

I have found that rice bran oil is an essential staple in our kitchen. We use it to bake with to make dairy free muffins. We use it make hamburgers, fish and in the wok.

rice bran oil natural food

Cooking Class!

Cooking Classes with Chef Erin - The Moroccan Table Class
Add some spice to your life with exotic Moroccan food. We'll be demonstrating exotic yet simple dishes you can make at home including olives with harissa, chicken tagine with preserved lemons and olives, quinoa "couscous", harissa & chickpea soup, Moroccan coconut "cake".

No promises, but the Colomba is expected to arrive on Friday. That means get your sampling spoon out and come on down for a piece of cake!

This Weeks Recipes

Garlic Bread Spanish Style Recipe

Smoothie Recipe

My Dad celebrated his 93rd Birthday this month. He started cooking a couple of years ago, really for the first time. Here is one of his hits; Chicken Stew w/garlic Recipe.
This one is adapted from Mark Bittman's book.

How to Cook Everything The Basics: All You Need to Make Great Food--With 1,000 Photos

Tuna Salad Tahini Recipe

Sometimes bacon is the only food that can make a grey day brighter. A few bacon Recipe ideas are here.

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