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Summer! Parm!

Taku River Salmon

Elderflower Syrup

Taku salmon Fry then bake
or grill
your salmon

tomatoes even in summer
you need canned tomatoes

cocoa rich chocolate sauce
make-it top-it

bbq sauce ancho & molasses bbq
bbq love

cherries the best

recipe fresh cherry
compote dessert recipe

sweetheart sweetheart

peppercorns tellicherry
peppercorns! if you have to stick your nose in to smell, it ain't good, good pepper makes summer worth eating!


Summer Milk Parmigiano-Reggiano Natural Summer Pleasure
Summer Milk Parmigiano-Reggiano!

Remember when "natural selection" meant something?

Now it's just a marketing term.

So, our version of “natural selection” is choosing Summer Parmigiano-Reggiano to have for the best outdoor meals.

Summer has finally arrived in Seattle, appropriately so, since June 21 has just passed.

It's hot and sunny, alternating with cool and rain here and that means it's time to cut the last Parmigiano-Reggiano until cooler fall weather. Though it's a hard and hearty cheese, sun and heat is just not it’s best friend.

So order lots, store it in the fridge, and have your wedge ready to go. Think of wispy clouds of light shavings floated on simple pasta or big chunks drizzled with balsamic vinegar for dessert. Eat it plain alongside your fabulous drink made with bitters or my favorite, iced elderflower syrup, with a touch of water and a chunk of cheese!

It may be just cheese, but when it's aged 3 years you can appreciate Parmigiano-Reggiano born in the summer.

Summer cheeses are often the most heady and dense in flavor - due to the concentration of strong summer grasses where the cows forage during that time of year. Along with the combination of milk from 50% Bruna Alpina cows and 50% Frisona -- with a few Vacche Rossa and Montbeillards - living in the foothills of the Apennine Mountains. They say the higher the altitude, the better the cheese!

Shop now for Summer Parmigiano-Reggiano!
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Wild Salmon from the Taku River Taku River
Wild Never Frozen Salmon!

Fishing for the much cherished Copper River Salmon is mostly done for 2014. If you live here in the Northwest you know the next river up is the Taku river, some 400 miles to the south.

And the one you look forward to as well.

Our fishmonger loves the Taku because it is now the one that is “freshly caught” on the ‘docks”.

Those of you who know, know that we sell you salmon as fresh as we possibly can get. As you read this know that we will be having our first Taku for dinner, fresh off the boat!

I was having a conversation with Chef Elmi and his wife, Winner Top Chef New Orleans, (both really wonderful and nice) last weekend. If you didn't know his South Philly restaurant Laurel, you might want to check it out.

Just watching his knife skills on the fish he sliced and diced, you know it must be good! And when I asked about salmon, he said no he's never really liked salmon, with the caveat that it doesn’t fit his place. My personal goal is to get a little wild caught Northwest salmon on his plate.

It's hard to imagine that even here in the Northwest, it’s common to find salmon that is not fresh and never frozen.

Fresh caught (meaning less than 48 hours out of the water) salmon is a very special treat. Remember the rule is, if your fish smells, it ain’t fresh!

Tonight I will fry both sides of Taku sockeye salmon in a little rice bran oil and a touch of butter, salt & pepper. Get a good finish and then pop it in the oven.

If I'm feeling fancy I might squeeze a little lemon on top to “garnish”.

That's all a perfect piece of salmon will ever need. No fancy cream-based sauce, no overly herby spicy mix needed.

Ok, the one exception to the “stovetop to the oven” is salmon cooked outside next to burning wood. It's very Northwest and it’s a really good reason to be living!

Shop now for Wild Taku River Salmon!
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Ketjap Manis Sweet Soy

Shop Now at gourmet
Sweet Soy Sauce
Thick and versatile

As the summer months have arrived, so do soy based marinades that are easy to make. By adding Ketjap Manis, this sweet, thick, soy sauce adds another dimension while blending seamlessly to every soy based marinade you might conceive of.

And when making a soy sauce butter sauce, Ketjap Manis and Maple Syrup or dark muscovado sugar are the perfect additions to the classic recipe to make it your own.

Store in the refrigerator and it will keep for all the dishes you know and all the new ones you will create.

Shop now for versatile Sweet Soy Sauce!
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Flank Steak!
Next Weekend! Happy July Fourth! Easy, squeezy, simple to do and you're always a hero when you serve it. I love this recipe and result!

long pasta
Looong Pasta

Perfect, Fresh, Summer! Long pasta placed on a plate to accent. Shape it in a figure 8 or circle, add fresh tomato and drizzle with olive oil. Done!

pasta black quinoa

Cooking Class! Booking July Classes Now

Cooking Classes with Chef Lesa - Under the Tuscan Moon Cooking Class
Sink your teeth into five seasonal dishes with an Italian accent. Storytelling, laughing and an excellent meal are guaranteed. Together, we'll enjoy: Fetunta with Borlotti Bean Puree, Tuscan Ragu with Strozzapreti pasta, Cannellini Bean and Tuna Salad, Tuscan Kale Salad and dessert.

You will enjoy the foods created in class, plus appetizers, wine and lots of good conversation. Only 12 people per class.

Visit the store everyday! (except Sunday)

We are covered in Bings! Come buy a handful of rejects or have some for free! (No Cheese) (No Salmon on Hand)

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