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Lakrids Licorice by John Bulow

These are like candies.
Because they ARE candy.

They are not pure licorice bombs that have that edgy bitterness and unpalatable. Nor are they red vines, which have no root in licorice at all.

These are licorice candies whose roots are indeed licorice. Johan Bülow wanted to create something extra special with his roots of Scandinavia, where licorice is already special. And he did, starting with #1, sweet, #2 salty, #3 red and #4 habanero. The first run was so good that he sold out the first day.

It was, though, when “A” the original chocolate covered licorice came out that the world of licorice was turned on its ear! He was told he couldn’t do it, but he did!

Then “B” passion fruit, “C” coffee kieni and “D” salt & caramel soon followed! With over a dozen flavors now and counting, having all of them is like having a pantry of joy!

Licorice root, sweet root, has been used historically (centuries ago), and is used today for many health ailments. An extract culled from the root called Glycyrrhizin is used to reduce chances of liver cancer in people with chronic hepatitis C. It has been used to help with stomach ailments and upper respiratory issues. It can help with bacterial and viral infections as well! Overall it is amazing! (A high salt diet, high blood pressure, heart or kidney disease, licorice is bad for you! Be sure to check with a trusted medical professional before consuming any licorice.)

These licorice balls of joy are delicious and rewarding to eat. Just one or two will satisfy your craving and though you might develop a fave, to me, each and every one is pleasurable!

New flavors arrived this week! Check them out. (With a limited supply worldwide.)

Shop now for Balls of Licorice Joy!

Lakrids Berries Sea Buckthorn Chocolate Coated Liorice
Lakrids new flavors!

What is Sea Buckthorn?

It is Hippophae rhamnoides, an evergreen shrub with leaves that are narrow and lanceolate with a silvery green look. Small fruits grow on the tree that are packed with healthy goodness. It is this color that makes these Lakrids standout.

The outer shell crumbles easily, the white chocolate smoothly collapses in a puff and the licorice bounces in. It is interesting to bite and chew. The chocolate and the orange color of the Sea Buckthorn is bright. The taste is much more subtle for the Sea Buckthorn to come through.

Lick the outside and you might get a hint of the Hippophae rhamnoides, but it is subtle and faint. Eat one and the combination of flavors all come out together.

It is as if the white chocolate lifts the Sea buckthorn up and moves it around. And then the licorice carries all the flavors out to the teeth and the combination comes alive in your molars. I like this one. It is fun to eat.

Red Currant - Chocolate coated licorice

There is an edge of red currant in the bite that melts in your mouth with the white chocolate. These delicate red currants grow on the island of Sealand in Denmark.

A wafer thin exterior cracks before you reach the soft white chocolate and the inner core of licorice “chew”.

Strawberry and Cream.

It smells good! Unscrew the top, pull back the protective layer and out comes this wonderful smell of, just as you wanted, strawberry and cream. Like the perfect Good Humor bar, Strawberry Shortcake. (Though it doesn’t smell like that anymore.)

The look is multi-colored, or red and white creating pink. The first bite flavor is like the ice cream if you use your tongue to move the soft stuff. Then you bite into the licorice and it all changes. A mix of unexpected flavors blending to make something new.

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Back in Stock!

As seen in the Wall Street Journal!

Organic Sprinkling Furikake! The internet went crazy! And we went through gobs and gobs of Furikake. And now the supply has caught up!

This simple concoction of toasted white and black sesame seeds, whole and ground, sea salt, green nori flakes and more, makes the prefect topping for a bowl of rice. And it's not just for rice! Top the next white fish you have or liberally sprinkle on top of the next grilled steak! It's for everywhere including popcorn!

Japanese Organic Vegan Yuzu Furikake!

"Delicious! I bought this for making onigiri, but it works great on just about anything you can sprinkle it on."

-- chelsea

Organic Sprinkling Umeboshi Furikake Seasoning

"good stuff!! Love this - I love all the flavors of this brand, but I think this one is my favorite. I put it on rice, salads, pasta...but i mostly empty these bottles straight into my hand (to mouth). Very good stuff."
-- leigh

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Cocktails and Mixers Category

Cocktails and mixers!

Creativity is where it's at in the world of the bar in the hottest restaurants in the world. These bartenders are creating and using just about everything to mix-it-up!

From amazing sweet syrups from Wild Lingonberry to Elderflower fruit syrups and Oregon Berry to Thai Basil Vinegar syrups, there are some amazing flavors to twist your next martini or non-alcoholic cocktail!

Tonic mixer, ginger ale syrup, cola and spiced apple cider are perfect additions to your repertoire. This is where small production creating quality makes the end of your day perfect! Check it out!

Shop now for Drink and Cocktail Mixers!

Binchotan cooking
Binchotan - the hot white charcoal

get ready for summer BBQ!

I have been thinking about and looking forward to a whole summer of binchotan cooking. Hot, Hot, Hot coals. Hotter than anything else! It can last longer as well, hours in some cases. Though you can douse them with water to turn them off, and relight them in the morning for breakfast if you want.

Once you try them, you won't go back. Wood pellets to help start your fire along with my kitchen Bernzomatic TS 8000 torch will make this a great camping season. Camping is after all a great excuse to try new recipes and new ingredients!

Shop now for the White Hot - Binchotan!

Jaipur Ginger Chai tea Mix
Ginger Chai!

Since ancient times, chai has been a daily tradition shared with friends and family all over India, multiple times a day. Chai is traditionally a freshly brewed, black tea with added milk, spices and sugar. With Jaipur Chai you can make the perfect chai elixir by just adding hot water.

Each packet has just the right amount of tea, real milk powder, cane sugar and spices to create an authentic chai beverage instantly. It's the perfect, soothing combination, which not only gives us a little pick up, but settles your spirit and calms your nerves.


"Ginger is one of my favorite Jaipur Chai flavors. Warming -- but with a little ginger kick. It awakens you with a zesty zing. Perfect."
-- owen

Shop now for Jaipur Avenue Ginger Chai Tea Mix!

! Sparkling Wine Vinegar Katz

Sparkling Wine Vinegar

Champagne or Sparking Wine Vinegar is considered the lightest of vinegars, and unfortunately that usually means mostly acid on the tongue with little of the flavor of the base champagne remaining after production. This delicious champagne vinegar is made slowly, the old fashion way, and that means it's full of flavor.

Katz & Co.'s Sparkling Wine Vinegar is made in Sonoma from high quality sparkling wine stock, mainly chardonnay – so technically, it's a 'sparkling wine' vinegar. It offers crisp and pleasant acidity, hints of vanilla from the oak and subtle nuances of sweet melon and cucumber in the finish.

It is perfect for salads with fresh greens, and marinades as well as a cooking/deglazing liquid.

Vinegar is one of the original "slow foods" – in millennium past it was used as a beverage, in cooking and as the basis of most sauces. Over time, art has yielded to industry, and the traditional slow methods, such as the "Orleans" method, gave way to large "generators," which could produce uniform batches of vinegar in days rather than months or years. This is accomplished by adding heat and oxygen to the tanks along with a considerable amount of agitation. This results in vinegars that look and taste the same year after year - little to none of the flavor characteristics from the base wine survive to reach these uniform bottles of acid.

The 500-year-old Orleans method relies on quality wine, oak barrels, time, and an artisan's judgment. Specialized bacteria, acetabactors, are introduced into the wine with oxygen creating the perfect environment for the conversion of alcohol to acid.

The process is driven by Mother Nature, and it can take anywhere from three to six months. Then all but 10% of the finished vinegar is drawn off and placed in oak barrels for aging; the remainder is left in the converter to be used as the "mother" for the next batch of vinegar. More wine is added to the conversion barrel and the process begins again.

Shop now for Katz Sparkling Wine Vinegar!

Big Island Bees Ohia Lehua Blossom Honey

Ohia Lehua Blossom Honey

The Legend of Le'Hua

Legend says that Pele turned the warrior, O'hia, into a tree when he refused to marry her because he was in love with Le'hua. Le'hua was so sad at the loss of her lover, the gods turned her into the blossom of the O'hia tree so that O'hia and Le'hua would be together forever. The legend states that if you pick a flower from the O'hia tree, it will rain - the tears of the lovers.

This creamy honey spreads easily and, when paired with butter, it's perfect on anything toasted!

Organic Le'Hua honey is made from the blossom of the native 'Ohi'a tree. Ancient Hawaiians considered this tree sacred and carved temple images from its branches. Very rare, this honey is prized by connoisseurs for its light, delicate flavor and creamy texture.

Spreadable delectable

"At first we thought this was just a big jar of honey at a great price. After it has been in our kitchen at home (we shamefully have not shared with the warehouse) half is now gone. At first I ate it secretly, scooping out only the middle so you couldn't tell it had been touched. Then we took it to a bagel fest and when it was expectantly opened, the middle was missing. All eyes turned to me...and I innocently said I was preserving the sides so I could photo it...this is one pleasing, spreadable, not messy, yummy (and I never use this word lightly) honey."
-- tim

Shop now for Big Island Bees Ohia Lehua Blossom Honey!

* Anchovy Stuffed Olives

Anchovy-Stuffed Olives

These terrific olives, firm, extra fancy-grade manzanillas from the south of Spain are stuffed full of anchovies that come from the Bay of Biscay off Spain's northern coast. A very popular combination in Spain, anchovy-stuffed olives are harder to track down here, but we wouldn't know what to do without them! Even if anchovies aren't your cup of tea on pizza or in Caesar salad, you might give these a try...their flavor is subtler here, and together with the olives, the combination of tastes is ideal.

My Green O’Love

"These are the ONLY green anchovy olives in my home. And This is the Only place to find ‘em!! The olives are fresh, firm and salty, not sour. It carries the fresh texture of anchovy that is neither fishy, nor pasty like the other anchovy olives. I DO NOT DRINK! So my addiction to Novia del Sol is about its presence in the Food Group. It’s a fast solution when visitors knock on my door. I’ll usually open a can for myself when I don’t answer the door and they walk away.. but if I DO answer the door and let my friends in, I’ll open a can of Novias for a beautiful sit-down and chat. Even those who don’t “know” or like olives have been pleasantly addicted to these rare cans of joy... sigh, again.. and again.."
-- evelyn

Shop now for Anchovy-stuffed Olives

! Hawkshead Seville Orange Marmalade
Great Bitterness!

Seville Orange Marmalade!

A twist of orange peel with a hint of bitter as if the orange is a grapefruit wannabe...except that when you spread this marmalade you get the pure joy of a Seville orange, which by the way is bitter! And that's what makes this marmalade a craved spread. On dry toast of course or on a juicy pork chop with mashed potatoes and beans.

Spread the marmalade on your buns or add it to beans. Of course you can top brie or something gouda!

Sweetness is added and why you get great contrast with bitter when you eat this marmalade! Enjoy!

Shop now for Hawkshead Seville Orange Marmalade!

* Fresh Washington Cherries
Kudos for Our Washington Cherries

--Bon Appetit Magazine

"The best cherries ever, delivered to your door."

--Gourmet Magazine

"Our food editors are wild for the Bing cherries grown ... in Washington State. Shipped right after being picked, each red globe is firm, juicy, and bursting with sweet flavor. "

--Marian Burros, The New York Times

"When I tasted the Bing cherries from ... [], I thought I had died and gone to Heaven."


"I just wanted to compliment you on the last order of cherries I received from you. They were the best cherries I've ever eaten. They were huge, meaty, and sweet. I didn't spot a single--not one--blemish in the whole batch. Thank you...I'll be a repeat customer for sure!"


"Best Bing Cherries!! Every cherry was perfect, fat, sweet and crispy. Year after year they arrive at the peak of perfection."

Pre-order now for Picked-at-their-Peak Fresh Washington Cherries!

Cruising to Alaska? We are near the cruise ships!

ChefShop Cocoa Powder Kudos for ChefShop Cocoa Powder

Summer is here and it's a great time to bake a cake or a cookie with "great stuff" cocoa powder.

Kate says; "Wow! I made Dark Chocolate Pudding w/sugared cranberries it looks absolutely delicious!"

Ellie Mae says; "Best Cocoa on the Planet"

Amy says; "My drug of choice"

Donna says; "The top Cocoa Ever"

Kevin says; "Mocha"

Nicole says; "Best cocoa I've ever used"

It might be time to try or replenish....

Shop now for ChefShop Cocoa Powder!

ChefShop Cooking Classes Cooking Classes!

Check out the classes and reserve your seat now! Give the best Gift of food! Cooking Class Gift Certificates are available. The air is on and it feels good!

ChefShop Cooking Class

Store Hours - Monday Thru Saturday!

Monday thru Saturday 10AM to 5PM.
1425 Elliott Ave W
Seattle, Wa 98119

Our parking lot is north of the shop and next door (south of) Champions Party Supply.
Easy open parking lot. Click here to see the map.


This Week's Recipes

Fresh Cherry Dessert Compote Recipe

Adapted from "How to Pick a Peach", by Russ Parsons. We highly recommend this book! Check it out for down-to-earth advice on finding the best produce -- along with plenty of great recipes.

Here's a brilliant way to turn frozen or fresh (but maybe not perfect for eating) cherries into an irresistible dessert. Serve over vanilla ice cream, and you're set. Look for cherry "seconds" at your local farmers' market - still delicious, but less aesthetically perfect than the "firsts."

Korean BBQ Marinade Recipe

Add some Asian flare to your BBQ repertoire. We found this in the July issue of Bon Appetit. Perfect for short ribs or flank steak!

Green Beans with Walnuts & Walnut Oil Recipe

Easy, no fear recipe, plan for a little time to make and you will be a hero!

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