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Hot Chocolate




San Marzano

Marmalade Grapefruit & Ginger
Two distinct and delicious flavors are divine together. Fresh, tart grapefruit is infused with ginger's spicy heat in this treat of a pink marmalade. Hawkshead is masterful at creative combos in their savory chutneys and relishes (have you tried the Hot Banana?), and their touch is just as sure with fruit. Gluten free.
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Nut Mix
70-60 Hot Chocolate The new 70-60 Hot Chocolate

It started with a desire to create a new drinking chocolate. One that is not like the others. Not bitter dark, not super sweet, combining the nuances of our Ultra Dark Drinking Chocolate and some of the familiarity that L'Ancienne exemplifies, the hot chocolate of our childhood memory.

One freezing moonlit night, at the base of Hurricane Ridge inside a tent, I remember putting three packets of Swiss Miss into a cup of boiling water. The cup was filled with extra chocolatey goodness but it was overwhelmed with sugar. Since then I have sought the perfect cup full of chocolate to sip, that didnít leave me with a sickly buzz of sugar when I was done.

Finally, after all these years, we have found the perfect combination of bio chocolate. It's as easy as 1/2 cup of 70-60 and two cups of milk. Melded together in our Cocomotion or on the stovetop, the results are still the same. With an opening of unexpected light floral notes that roll into a chocolatey envelope, the mouth is filled with a wonderful fullness of chocolate. Rich, thick, sweet, a wealthy feel of pure dark chocolate bar encased in liquid.

Want it thicker? Add a 1/4 more cup of 70-60. To rich? Add an extra half cup of liquid. We tested and tested to find this formula. In the process we found adding vanilla can add flavor, but not always, that Pernigotti Cocoa dusted on top is always worth the shake, zest of citrus is a good twist and pretty as can be, nutmeg or cinnamon zips it up, and adding a little nyuh milk warms you up with dreams of Bali. And always try a drop of Scrappy's Bitters too.

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Hawkshead Relish Piccalilli Relish

Want a change from the typical condiments for your guests at the Turkey table? This is one nice way to do it. Put in a bowl and no one will know. You whipped it up, they will think, it tastes that homemade, it does! From Hawkshead: Traditional, fruity and fresh Picallilli, filled with freshness, vegetables and spices, no padding just real great ingredients that make the perfect accompaniment for cheese, cold cuts, salads, or try alongside a hearty cottage pie.

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Holiday cakes It's time for the Holidays
Here at ChefShop Christmas starts early in January and with ordering in July for products to arrive about this time of year.

As they now start to trickle in we start to re-arrange the store fitting more and more stuff in. It's a great time of year. We hold more inventory at this time of year than any other point. It may not be as heavy as other items, like the cherries (tons) or in density like the hams, nothing matches the breads of this season in its voluminous size. Filled to the rafters with fruitcake, Plum Pudding, Stollen and of course Panettone!

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Award winning Fruitcake Award Winning Fruitcake
This cake has won awards and has been picked many times as the best! It's not like a Texas Cake which is much, much moister, this cake when thinly sliced is wonderful with a nice warm cup of liquid. It's so good we carry it year round now!

The Brethren of Our Lady of Guadalupe Trappist Abbey in Lafayette, Oregon make an outstanding cake. Dark and dense, it is loaded with fruit and nuts, but not with the typical maraschino cherries and green citron - instead they use raisins, candied pineapple, and candied cherries. Baked for almost three hours, the cakes are then soaked in fine brandy. Most of the alcohol evaporates and the rich brandy flavor is absorbed. The cakes are then aged for three months to develop the flavor, a unique balance of the sweet fruits and moist walnuts and pecans with a pleasant finish of spices and brandy.

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Smoked-to-order Smoked Femur Bone
Applewood smoked naturally raised beef femur bones. From the same beef we get our wonderful steaks from, Rick the butcher makes these for his own dogs, and for the locals ...

Not like those other bones that have "sterilized" off all its nutritious insides -- these bones are in their natural, marrow-filled state. Rick, from A & J's Meats, the butcher who brings us the famous smoked ham and the much lauded Maui ribs, is responsible for these all-natural beef, applewood smoked femur bones. Dogs love these bones! With a large, marrow-filled center, it is a challenge for any dog - creating hours and hours of bone chewing pleasure. And when Lassie is all done, you can fill the bone with peanut butter for even more dog eating fun!

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  Olive Oil

Sparkling Wine Vinegar

Champagne or Sparking Wine Vinegar is considered the lightest of vinegars, and unfortunately that usually means mostly acid on the tongue with little of the flavor of the base champagne remaining after production. This delicious champagne vinegar is made slowly, the old fashion way, and that means its full of flavor.

Katz & Co.'s Sparkling Wine Vinegar is made in Sonoma from high quality sparkling wine stock, mainly chardonnay Ė so technically, it's a 'sparkling wine' vinegar. It offers crisp and pleasant acidity, hints of vanilla from the oak and subtle nuances of sweet melon and cucumber in the finish. It is perfect for salads with fresh greens, and marinades as well as a cooking/deglazing liquid.

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We're Smoking again!
"(The Mangalitsa Smoked bacon) arrived this morning (in time for breakfast!) so, of course, I cooked some up immediately. IT IS AMAZING, DELICIOUS, MOUTH-WATERINGLY GOOD. It is not too salty, full of wonderful mangalitsa fat (which I saved as it rendered from the cooking of the bacon), and has a delightful mouth feel. Even my wife commented on how noticeably better it was than other bacon that we have had recently."-- Paul, longtime customer.

This Weeks Recipes

Chocolate Brownies with Chocolate Bitters
A new twist on a classic. The bitters adds another element which takes the brownies from great, to unbelievable.

Farrotto with Frozen Peas
This recipe was adapted from Ethan Stowell's new book, Ethan Stowell's New Italian Kitchen. Farrotto is like a risotto, only made with farro instead or rice. Because farro has a nuttiness and density that rice does not have, it has more texture and toothiness that is hard to resist. The peas add sweetness, but you can add other elements, such as prosciutto di parma or mushrooms.

Rustic Parmigiano-Reggiano Cheese Torte
Adapted from Nancy Radke's cookbook, The Seasons of Parmigiano-Reggiano.

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