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ortiz tuna perfect white tuna
Bonito del Norte is the most oceanic species in the tuna family. These are authentic white tuna; they appear annually in the waters of the Bay of Biscay in the Cantabrian Sea. The large chunks of delicious fish are cooked and packed in olive oil to preserve the tuna's highly prized flavor.

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spains ChocoLate-organiko-bom-bons Fun Eatin'
Good things come in small packages

And these tins filled with bom bons are the perfect size. They will fit in a stocking and in the palm of your hand, perfect for the purse, or the perfect man.

ChocoLate from ChocoLate Organiko is a bit addictive. Each bom bon has its own character. Even if you just pick by color, orange, red, blue, or black, it doesnít matter, any of the colors and you will be rewarded with something festive to eat.

If you are looking for chocolate that will stun the world, or to have a conversation about, you probably won't have one. Thatís because your mouth is more likely to be filled with ChocoLate Organiko instead. These are fun chocolates.

Fun to eat, fun to have around as they are like a good pal.

Either in a bar or a tin, ChocoLate Organiko has made a munching gourmet chocolate!

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fastachis-cranberry-nut-mix Cranberry Nut Mix
Perfect for eating out of hand

Fastachi Nuts simply roasted in small batches with just sea salt, for clarity, perfection and clean, distinctive flavors. Perfect for an office snack or a party mix, these are good! A handful is perfect and goes a long ways.?

?A one-of-a-kind twist that leaves a tart and salty taste dancing on your tongue. It's chewy and crunchy texture of cranberries, salted pistachio meats, salted almonds, roasted unsalted almonds, salted hazelnuts, roasted unsalted hazelnuts, salted peanuts, unsalted peanuts, red skin peanuts, sesame peanuts, and salted cashews will keep you coming back for more.?

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* Christmas Stollen Christmas Stollen
Slice twice and eat a slice on the way to toasting the second one. Slather in butter. Heaven! A traditional loaf-shaped German sweet bread made with candied orange peels, golden raisins, rum and marzipan, and covered with powdered sugar or icing. Originating from Dresden, Germany, stollen is usually eaten during the Christmas season when it's called Christstollen.

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* baked lamb recipe Baked Lamb Loin Recipe
This recipe is so simple. The lamb cooks in a snap and allows the lamb's flavor to shine. One of the most expensive lamb cuts you can buy, but well worth it if your butcher is willing and knows what they are doing.

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* Pancake-Recipe Dairy Free Pancakes Recipe
If you like thin pancakes and want a change or just don't eat dairy, this is an easy squeezy recipe.

Dairy Free Pancakes Recipe

* Mousse Cake Recipe Chocolate Almond Mousse Cake Recipe
Not for the faint of heart, this recipe is a challenge to make right. Perfect for a party, it can be made a few days in advance, and frozen in the cake ring until the day of the party. It will definitely look like you just picked the cake up from your local, professional bakery.

get the recipe here

* Deviled Dates Recipe Sugar Coated Almonds
The perfect easy to make appetizer. Just the "look" makes them taste good. All you need is a bit of dexterity and toothpicks and you're a hero.

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Tart, sharp, just right
Planning on kitchen time? Snack on these!
Hot in the kitchen? Anticipating the long hours upcoming? It's a great time if you can keep everyone out of the kitchen! When I am baking or making dishes, I crave ice water and something crunchy, sharp, cool, and a contrast to the finished dishes I am making.

That's where Howard's green beans come in. Pull out just one and crunch away while you move onto the next recipe. And, if you forget the appetizer, drop these in a oblong serving dish and they are perfect finger food!

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  sparkling wine
Katz Sparkling Wine Vinegar
Champagne or Sparking Wine Vinegar is considered the lightest of vinegars, and unfortunately that usually means mostly acid on the tongue with little of the flavor of the base champagne remaining after production. This delicious champagne vinegar is made slowly, the old fashion way, and that means it's full of flavor. A runaway hit, Chef's love this version!

Elderflower Syrup

Unbelievable! This D'Arbo Elderflower Syrup is delicious. Lightly sweet, thickly syrupy, amazing good. Tastes like St-Germain, only without the alcohol. Same delicate, floral notes. Perfect as a dessert topping, in a French Gimlet with Elderflower Syrup cocktail, or atop an Orange Panna Cotta.

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Elderflower Angel Food Cake Recipe

Mom's Turkey Stuffing Recipe

Cranberry and Wild Blueberry Pie Recipe

Maple Cranberry Glaze Recipe

Master Lard Pie Crust Recipe

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