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Trio of Bitters

Gift Certificate

Potage Saint Germain Recipe

Category - Holiday Gourmet Gifts

Top Gifts

gift The best gift of all
the gift of choice

reed avocados The greenest gift
reed avocado

cherry red is happiness
sweet cherries for the holidays

cheese give the gift of cheese

stocking suffers

nonnettes orange nonnettes
what ding dongs are supposed to be

drops tasmanian drops
of honey, for your (own) stocking

balsamic nothing as sweet as
balsamic vinegar

relish Embellish with Relish
That's Hawkshead Relishes tag line … as with anything from Hawkshead, delish is the word! A spoonful from any jar is a surprise and a joy. Nothing like a relish for a cheese, a sandwich, a dog or a burger. Versatility! This is the best there is! Happy Holidays!

Shop Now and Embellish with Relish!

Doctor Adams Trio of holiday cheer A Trio of Holiday Cheer
Three Bitters from Scotland!

All set to go, these three small bottles are packed with a flavored filled powerful punch. For the Baker, the Chef, or the mixer, these are absolutely precious. Surprise with surprising warming cheer. Overnight shipping included. Read what Dr. Adam Elmegirab (who makes the bitters) says about them.

Christmas Bitters:
(if you were only to get one, this is the one.)

“You could not make bitters” Adam said whilst stifling a laugh….?

?After hearing these words, Heather decided to do everything she could to make the Christmas Bitters she promised she could make. In order to keep this very special present under wraps she called upon Santa Claus who told her she could borrow a couple of his elves, as long as he had them back by Christmas Eve. One of the elves kindly made her a beautiful label so that her bitters would stand out, the other let her use his grotto and some tools from his workshop. After all that, she came up with a recipe and set to work. That's what's here in the Christmas Bitters bottle.

Teapot Bitters:
Teapot Bitters are a unique, hand-crafted cocktail ingredient inspired by the combined medicinal history of tea and bitters. Ancient tea and spice routes both shaped historic civilizations and their impact can still be felt today in Tea Rooms around the world, with beverages such as Masala Chai, spiced milk tea, sought after globally, as well as providing a major influence to this bottling.

Boker's Bitters:
Founded by John G. Boker in 1828, Boker's Bitters gained popularity in New York and around the World as the finest bitters of the Golden Age of mixed drinks. Dr. Adam Elmegirab has recreated this original bitter here.

Shop now for a Trio of Bitters! Overnight shipping included

Gift certificate Give the Gift
of Choice or Fruit or Cheese

Either way, they are all lighter than air, and show up in your email so that you can forward on or print out and gift in person.

The beauty of giving this way is that it really is the gift that gives twice. Give today, and they are reminded of you again when they receive a box in the "mail".

Gift Certificate: allows the food lover in your life (live to eat) to travel around the world of food and choose from small family owned producers at their own leisure.

Reed Avocados: from Peter and Bonnie's orchard! These giant, luscious, smooth, rich, creamy, avocados are like heaven in a fruit bigger than a softball! If shock and awe is what you like this just might do it when it ships in August, 2013.

Cherries: Fresh, sweet, picked-at-their-peak, any and all the cherries are special and remind us why we eat. If you gift one variety of cherries or if you gift the whole season, (put me on your list!) when the box of cherries arrive your giftee will thank you again. Ships in June/July 2013.

Parmigiano-Reggiano: might just be the cheesiest gift you can give. And, what a cheese! At least 36 months old when we ship, this is one gift they won't give away. Scheduled to ship in mid first quarter, get a hand up before we sell out. This might be the best gift to give to someone you live with!

Remember that we don't charge you for Fruit or Cheese Certificates until we ship. Parmigiano-Reggiano ships in the first quarter, Cherries ship in June/July and Avocados ship in August, 2013. We charge gift certificates right away. (And if you want us to charge you before the end of the year please call us!!)

Shop now for the gift that keeps on giving!


split peas
Shop Now at gourmet ChefShop.com
Split Pea and Ham Soup Recipe
Positively Perfect Pea Puree

I love pureed soups. Easy to make, uncomplicated and, when food is so simple, if the ingredients are the best, so is the soup! Freshly dried split peas are exceptional and make a soup like this worth every sipping spoonful. It's the blending of the starch and other ingredients that give the soup its wonderful body. Use a food mill, food processor, or your stick blender to achieve different consistencies.

This smooth soup feels and tastes nutritious all the while filling some mental need for quiet satisfaction.

And if ham is not on your diet, omit the ham hocks, and increase the smoked paprika.

Click for the Split Pea Soup Recipe.

  olive Oil
Pianogrillo Olive Oil
Chosen by so many as their favorite of all. The olio novello is the best in three years!

olive oil
Tiburtini Olio Novello

If you love the delicious flavor of Tiburtini olive oil, you're just going to love this fresh off the press Olio Novello. Picked and pressed at the end of October, Tiburtini Olio Novello is a once-a-year treat for the palate.

oil buy me

Cooking class
It's not too late to email!

Cooking Classes with Chef Pam - Seasonal Soups and Stews Class
It's always raining and dreary in Seattle in February -- so it's perfect time to indulge in some comfort foods, like Seasonal Soups and Stews. The perfect antidote to a cold, wet day. And a perfect way to to clean out those winter veggies that are just hanging in your fridge. Learn how to make the classic soups, and some new tips and tricks that will help you turn out superb soup every time. Recipes include: New England Clam Chowder, Vegetarian Pureed Soup, Hot & Sour Thai Soup with Shrimp, and Moroccan Vegetable Stew.

Last minute gift ideas you can try before you buy. Saturday 10 to 4:30 and Sunday 12 to 3. Come on down, no panic here.

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Chestnut & Mushroom Soup Recipe

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