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All Beef Frank


Balsamic Vinegar

balsamic 10 - year
balsamic condimento

red seal san giacomo
red seal tradizionale

ketchup june taylor

hot mustard triple X hot

boat street french pickled plums

ketjap manis ke jaip
At least in name, this is the origins of ketchup, it doesn't have anchovies, (thank goodness.) With it's salty soy combined with sweetness of sugar cane, this is one of my all time favorites for topping, which by the way, ketjap manis is the best secret ingredient for marinading!

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all beef franks Frank'ly -
Not all dogs are created equal.
All Beef, no fillers, no msg

The other day, I went to the butcher to pick up the usual, chicken for one child, beef wieners for the other. The all beef wieners, as you can see in the picture, are long (almost twice as long as a typical kosher dog) and are a standard for us.

One of my favorite moments is the brief break in the day when I say “hello” to the Wine and Fish merchants and to see what’s up with Rick the butcher. I never know what new (or sometimes old) treat Rick is working on. On this day, he casually throws in something to try.

Gourmet Food A hot dog. Actually, a beef frank. Now, that may not sound too special, and it didn’t to me. I said "what’s special?" And, I have had this before ... Rick said, "it's new, I haven’t made it in years." And, he added, “don’t burn it”. (Which I have a liking to do)

I responded “How am I going to burn it? I just boil it." Which got a chorus of “Don’t boil it!!” from the staff. “Grill it or bake it in the oven for 15 minutes”, was the response.

So that is what I did, and though I had been testing and eating all day and was far from hungry, when frank was ready, so was I. And, it was awesome! 1/3 of a pound of lean ground beef and a secret mix of spices, I ate the whole thing. Proof that not all dogs have the same bark or bite!

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plate of condiments Ke jiap
Ketchup, the origins of condiments?

When you think of ketchup, do you think of mushrooms or fish sauce? What about walnuts? Soy Sauce or perhaps vinegar? The history of ketchup began before the introduction of tomatoes from the new world were included. That's perhaps why, 40 years ago, people (outside North America) would look at you a bit confused and with a scrunched nose when you said you added “fish sauce” (ketchup) to your hamburger .....

And did you know Ke jiap Manis has not always been a sweet thick soy sauce? It was once a fermented fish mix and is the roots of modern ketchup today. Condiments are defined as spices and flavorings, and might have started as something salty, like fish. From there, they have evolved from the original definition of “preserved food”, to almost anything that enhances or is added to a dish.

This evolution of the condimento, started as a necessity for longevity and preserving, to become not just a taste changer but an integral part of a bite.

Use Piccalilli Relish, Westmorland Chutney, Goathorn Peppers, Spicy Tomato Ketchup, XXX Hot Mustard, to top your Super Bowl Bun.

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san giacomo balsamic vinegar

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Nighttime Apéritif
Not just an ingredient, balsamic vinegar has great health benefits

This fighter, this reliever, this treater has a long history of belief in how it can help our bodies do better.

From lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, to relieving arthritis pain, I always think of a good vinegar in two ways; digestion benefits and the taste. And really, taste first.

How good a vinegar tastes to me straight out of the bottle is what I look for. All of the vinegars we have are some of the best in the world.

But if I want just one sip, or just a drop on my tongue, or to squeeze on my eggs, I still pick one of the five balsamic vinegars that sit next to my stove. Whether it is in its original bottle, in a squeeze bottle, or in a Tokkuri, it’s good to have a vinegar on hand.

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  hazelnut chocolate
Slitti Nocciolata
This hazelnut cream spread is divine. One spoonful and heaven! And it's back-in-stock!

Spicy Tomato Ketchup

Proof that time can make condiments better. A twist, a turn, a kick of spice, and this red sauce is pretty nice! It doesn't rely on vinegar to give you a twinge, instead it uses ingredients to make it pop.

spicy ketchup buy me

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