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Soy Sauce

70% Chocolate

Organic Millet

capers pantescan

millet flour millet
organic flour

chocolate sao tome
75% dark chocolate

escargot burgundy snails

pickled Washington pickled
green beans

marcona almonds skin-on
These fried skin-on marcona almonds are one of the best snacks ever! Get your almond, your salt and your fried all on a small handful! Or eat just one at a time.

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Wheat dominate soy sauce from Japan Shiro Shibori Wheat Shoyu
In the city of Yuasa,

... over seven centuries ago, Japanese Soy Sauce was born, and is where Shiro Shibori, a soy sauce that is 80% wheat and 20% soy beans is fermented to life.

Artisan soy sauce is typically whole soy beans, wheat and sea salt combined with mineral water stored in barrels to ferment at least a year. Tamari is a wheat free soy sauce, and then there is Shiro Shibori.

This shoyu is a golden light color, where brewing time takes a short three months. Unlike so many “light” soy sauces though, it has relatively mild saltiness, filled with a rich flavor that embodies umami. This shoyu has a such a wonderful taste that it is palatable right out of a spoon. I have tasted lots of soy sauce, and most are not pleasant alone and not something I recommend! (It’s a mind numbing salt fest).

To the nose, the notes are very much the same, with the darker shoyu being deeper and the Shiro Shibori being lighter. It is this lightness that Chefs look for. Where both color and potency are more mellow creating and refining the finished dish.

Please note, this shoyu is made in limited quantities and we have a small shipment on hand. This item is typically a week to 14 days lead time from order.

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Slitti Latte Nero Milk Chocolate Bar 70% Fabulous rich milky chocolate
Slitti's 70% milk

Are you tired of hiding your favorite milk chocolate bar and having to eat it in the broom closet at work? This is a bar that you can eat in the open. And when you share, (I never share my chocolate) everyone won't believe how good it is!

This is the most bittersweet milk chocolate that you'll ever find.

The average European milk chocolate has only a 31% cocoa content, but here Andrea uses twice as much to create a truly more sophisticated flavor. The rich and complex flavor of his cocoa blend opens quickly on the palate and lingers a while before proceeding to a slow finish that is smoothed by the presence of just a touch of milk. Is it dark chocolate, or is it milk...taste and let your palate decide.

Not satisfied with the candy-like taste of traditional milk chocolate, Andrea developed Latte-Nero, "black milk." By skillfully adding a higher percentage of cocoa solids, 45%, 51% , 62%, and 70% he creates a darker richer taste on the palate, with much more of the nuance of cocoa, and a silky smooth milk finish.

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organic millet

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Organic Millet
A nutritious alternative to wheat grains

This nutritious, small seed grass, has been grown as a grain for human consumption over the last 10,000 years. In Asia and Africa (India and Nigeria) millet is an important part of the diet. With its short growing seasons in hot and arid conditions, millet is a very productive crop.

Palaeoethnobotanists archaeologists hypothesize millet was in “vogue” before rice. First evidence of millet appears in Asia/China, and then migrated towards Europe about 5,000 BC.

Millet flour has been used to make hand rolled flat breads (roti) that many cultures have of varying styles. Millet as a grain is used to make porridge in Europe adding milk and sweeteners, or as a base for savory dishes.

In general, millet is comparable to wheat in protein, about 11%, some fat and good for iron. There are, like so many grains, many “versions” of millet. Pearl millet being the most common here.

Cook with a ratio of 1 millet to 3 liquid. You can cook and stir and make a mashed potato/porridge consistency or cook it like rice, meaning don’t stir it and you will get fluffy individual grains. If you are avoiding gluten or not, this is another easy fabulous grain to add to your pantry arsenal.

About the size of the head of a pin.

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raspberry syrup
Raspberry Syrup
This syrup really tastes like raspberries. Nicely sweet, thickly syrupy, delicious. Not too sweet so that the flavor and tang of the raspberries still shines through. Perfect as a dessert topping, or in your bar pantry.

millet flour
Organic Millet Flour

A great addition to the flours in your gluten free baking. Millet Flour is a good healthy addition.

millet buy me

NEW Cooking Class!

Cooking Classes with Chef Karen - Mexican Cooking Class
Come celebrate the leep-year Mexican style! Mexican cooking is full of subtle techniques, savory ingredients you never expected, and combinations of flavors that make your eyes pop... and our taste buds smile. And since the class ends with eating on the dishes we prepared, you'll go home with more than enthusiasm for the delicious cuisine. Recipes include: Tomatillo Salsa, Guacamole de Tocino y Jitomate, Nopales (cactus) Salad, Frijoles Refritos, Carne con Chile Colorado, Helado de Chocolate y Chile Pasilla.

Make one pot meals, one super bowl weekend. Come down for ideas and sit a spell.

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Guacamole Recipe

Millet Crepes Recipe

Fried Bajra Roti Recipe

Master Millet Recipe

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