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Chocolate Cherry Cordials

XXX Mustard

Organic Chocolate organic chocolate

hot mustard hot xxx

rose petals rose petals

gelatin sheets silver label
gelatin sheets

dark sugar dark muscovado

caviar black truffle caviar
With the look and feel of caviar, but the distinct taste of black winter truffle, this caviar rocks! As garnish or on a cracker, delizioso!

slitti gianera crema da spalmare Slitti Gianera
Award winning!

My level of anticipation to open this jar of food is a little surprising to me. We get a lot of new food, almost every day, here. Sometimes we request them, and sometimes they show up on their own.

When we order anything un-tasted, based on our trust in the “maker”, in this case Andrea Slitti, the excitement is based on our memory-of-palate, and so naturally it makes you salivate.

Being a believer that Slitti Noccialata is the be all and end all of all of chocolate sauces in a jar, we were slow on the uptake for Slitti’s Gianera. After first “taste”, we now find them both essential to our “lunch box” for the dessert island.

Upon opening the jar you smell the hazelnuts entwined with cocoa. You press your popsicle stick in expecting resistance and instead the smooth, creaminess of the Gianera is not only surprising, it is absolutely delightful! It’s immediately obvious why this has won a Gold Bar twice for Best Spreading Cream.

So many dessert chocolate sauces achieve a cream feel with an addition of fructose syrups and the like. Gianera, on the other hand, is nothing but round and mild Piedmontese hazelnuts from the “Langhe” area, sugar and cocoa!

It’s not only the spreadable part that makes it a winner, though, it’s the chocolate, hazelnut creaminess that finishes with a nice, dry, dark cocoa finish. If you swirl it delicately against the roof of your mouth, your tongue can feel that the super smoothness of the crema and the flavor of the hazelnuts are so perfectly melded in a harmonious balance of a smile.

It has this unusual crave for more desire, yet has the completely satisfying satisfaction for a dessert craving! Slitti Gianera, like Slitti Nocciolata means perfection!

Limited supply - order now!

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Chocolate Covered Cherries Cordial - medicinal tonic
Known to stimulate the heart.

In the 14th century the Armagnac region of southwest France produced a distinct brandy from the grapes of the region. It was consumed for its therapeutic benefits, claimed for its virtues, this “fire water” (Armagnac), when taken soberly, can enliven and make men joyous, preserving youth and has been known to cure hepatitis.

It was also known at the time (1310 AD) to cure gout, ulcers, heal open wounds, and keep senility at bay -- at least that’s what is remembered. I am pretty sure if you drink enough Armagnac you could certainly believe all of this.

It’s the soberly amount that is hard to regulate. And that’s where these “vessels” come into play. Griotte, Morello, a tart’ish fruity cherries are dipped/soaked in Armagnac, and then wrapped in chocolate to retain the alcohol flavor perfectly.

Each bite of this “cordial” is a chocolate-covered-cherry like you dreamed they should be, and the perfect “soberly” amount of Armagnac.

At the end of the day, in the 21st century, these fabulous Chocolate Covered Cherries from Mademoiselle de Margaux are a joy to have. Paired with hot coffee or a nice Oolong Tea, they finish a good day or close a bad one on a rising note.

Get fruit, your dark chocolate and
therapy all in one mouthful!

kozliks canadian xxx mustard

Shop Now at gourmet
XXX Hot Mustard
Kozlik's Fabulous Supreme Mustard

Just the name can make one nervous. Protect the nostrils is the first thought I had, and I am right, even a "pass" of the nose across the jar lets you know that there just might be some heat in there.

It does, have heat, that is. It starts sweet, a hit of sharpness, but then the heat rips up through the left nostril. It packs a bit of heat, but it's still mustard.

And it is tasty, good and perfect for ham, to add to a dish or potatoes-au-gratin or your basic dog. And a perfect pairing with sauerkraut.

Canada grows over 90% of the world's mustard and is home to the world's biggest and oldest mustard mill. Kozlik's has been hand-making mustard for over 60 years, and is recognized as the world's best.

Shop now for XXX HOt Mustard!

  Zero Tannin Lentils
As lovely as a Palouse sunrise, these delicious, pink gems maintain their shape and turn a pinkish-golden color then cooked. Unlike other red lentils, Sunrise Red Lentils require minimal processing and don't "muddy" the cooking water. Zero tannins help keep them from turning bitter and hard.

Genovese Basil

Using a machine of rotating knives and a mixing machine of "antique" origin allows for a delicate, handmade result in a commercial environment, allowing the basil to maintain its character all the way to you. Topped up with Ligurian olive oil creates a natural preservative and cover for the pesto.

pesto buy me

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