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Organic Scottish

Stone Cut

Pinhead Oats

sugar sugar
dark muscovado

vanilla extract vanilla
double strength

coffee concentrate coffee
java juice

yuzu marmalade
agrodolce yuzu

cocoa nibs cocoa
caramelized nibs

cinnamon ceylon cinnamon
Known the world over as Ceylon Cinnamon, this has been one of the world's most important spices for a millennium. It has a sweet and fragrant aroma, and its warm, lively aromatic flavor is essential to many savory dishes.

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Organic stone cut oatmeal from Scotland Oatmeal Superfood
It's what's for breakfast!

Every list of “super foods” has oats near the top. You’ve seen the commercials - eating oats is known to lower cholesterol and improve cardiovascular health. Oats are an excellent source of fiber. They even help stabilize blood sugar - at any time of day.

You may think of oatmeal as a bland and gummy porridge, but Oatmeal of Alford is nothing like the rolled oats most of us are familiar with. We have something much better in mind: delicious, nutty-flavored oats with a wonderfully toothsome texture. And did we mention high-fiber and organic?

This is the Oatmeal of Alford; organic, stonecut, pinhead oats from Scotland.

Not only does oatmeal provide exceptionally efficient fuel, but the Oatmeal of Alford is really delicious, plain or dressed up, in any number of ways. Of course, these pinhead oats make exceptional oatmeal for breakfast, but, they’re also versatile enough to be part of a whole host of other dishes, from salads to desserts.

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Oatmeal of Alford The Secret of the Oatmeal of Alford
When being a pinhead is a good thing!

The unusual flavor and texture of these amazing oats may be attributed to the final drying process, carried out in the old fashioned 'flat kiln', which is believed to be the only one of its kind used in Britain today. The oats are dried in the kiln for four hours, during which time they’re turned twice by hand shovel. It is this very specialized process, perfected by the miller, which makes the flavor and texture unique. The distinct oat grains are then stone-cut into small pieces - smaller than Irish "steel cut" oats - thus the name “pinhead.” Unlike “old-fashioned” oatmeal, they’re not steamed and rolled flat.

As a result, hot cereal made with pinhead oats has a texture that we’ve heard described as "risotto-like," as well as a nutty flavor quite different from cooked rolled oats. Alford's pinhead oats hold up well to cooking, retaining their shape and taking on a pleasantly chewy texture - a breakfast you can sink your teeth into!

Here in the US, we mostly eat our oats for breakfast, and we’ve all heard many times that the benefits of eating breakfast are many. Well, then, consider the benefits not just of eating breakfast – but of eating healthy oatmeal for breakfast! Plus, it’s delicious!

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Best superfoods for breakfast oats

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The best thing to add to your morning oatmeal
What goes in, make it count!
I love my oatmeal, and what to add to it changes for me with the seasons. A long time ago, I was influenced by the TV commercials loving instant oats in a packet with cinnamon, sugar and freeze dried apples... mmm - mmm - good! (Not really)

For many years, I added a pile of white sugar and a drowning of milk with a pat of butter. Truth was, I found it very gloppy, sticky, and just plain yuckey.

Today, when I want it to be sweet, sugar is replaced with Black Button Sage Honey, or real Vermont Maple Syrup (comes from a tree), or dark Muscovado.

It’s also a great time of year to add the first strawberries of the season, or banana brulée year round. Fruit of any kind seems to pair perfectly, citrus from June Taylor or Hawkshead is just right, or one of my favorites, Yuzu Marmalade, which has just the right sweetness, with the sour punch of the citrus!

Elements like pernigotti cocoa powder, coffee syrup and caramelized cocoa nibs add the morning hit I love. Along with vanilla, and ceylon cinnamon freshly ground over the top.

An early evening combo of sardines or herring on top, or even bacon and cheese make you re-think “breakfast” oatmeal, morning, noon and night.

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button sage honey
Black Button
Sage Honey is smooth and delicate. It's one perfect honey when added to oatmeal. Just the right sugar sweetness and so easy to stir in! Compliments fruit, plays well with vanilla and bacon.

Cardamom Pods

A whole green cardamom pod, Elettaria cardamomum, is an indication of very high quality. It slowly infuses the dish with its essence, and the shell disintegrates as it cooks. It is also a necessary participant in the ritual of Arabic coffee.

cardamom cardamom pods

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It's back in stock! (In case you didn't notice.) Organic Pinhead Oatmeal of Alford - come on in and try a little this weekend. Find out why we love it and why we love the stuff we put in it!

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