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Acid Fighter

Organic Vanilla

Healthy Oil

Featured Category - Vanilla!

chocolate latte finissimo
organic chocolate

effie's cakes effie's homemade
corn, oat, pecan cakes

OO flour super fine
OO flour

bourbon vanilla gluten free
freshly made vanilla

couscous israeli couscous
as seen in Bon Apetit

happy fat glorious lard!
It's been touted as one of the essential oils for your health. We prefer to think of it as essential for taste!

Shop Now for the glorious flavor-rich fat!

rj's licorice Al Capone’s accountant ate Rj’s
Licorice that Rocks

Carnal Knowledge, Same Time Next Year, Hannah and Her Sisters, Moonstruck, The Untouchables, Midnight Run, Lethal Weapon II, Look Who's Talking, The Accountant...What do all these movies have in common?

They all have accountants...and the accountants all ate RJ's Soft Black Licorice at tax time!

Okay, not really. But they'd have been happier if they had. Because RJ's is simply the best licorice we've ever tasted. It's as different from those waxy Red Vines as a just-picked, sun-warmed garden tomato is from those pale impostors at the grocery store.

Just about every other day, when customers stop by our store here in Seattle, we offer them a little licorice log (after they've tasted all the new olive oils). They say, "Oh, I'm not really a big licorice fan." But they try it - and they're hooked. They buy a bag for their friend, for their mom, and of course, one to keep stashed in the glove box.

RJ's Soft Black Licorice is licorice like it used to be. Nothing artificial, not sickly sweet - just real, licorice flavor and super-satisfying, chewy texture. (Disclaimer: If you really hate that anise flavor, this isn't for you. We bet you know someone who'd love it for a special little treat, though...)

As an added bonus, licorice has long been known for its stomach-soothing acid fighting qualities. Much better to eat this than a candy bar as you pore over Schedule D (1040).

Shop now for a tax helper acid fighter

rice bran oil High smoke point!
Preventing fatty acid breakdown at high temperatures

Could this be the miracle fat that helps us get skinny? Doctor Oz thinks so.

Delicate yet flavorful, rice bran oil just may be the world's healthiest edible oil. Rice bran oil comes from the most nutritious part of the rice grain, loaded with monounsaturated fats & polyunsaturated fats, as well as vitamin E. These are the good fats that help your body lose weight.

Which means that rice bran oil is not only nutritious, but a superior salad, cooking, baking and frying oil that leaves no lingering aftertaste.

Extremely versatile, rice bran oil is an excellent choice for baking as well as just about any cooking method, from deep-frying to pan-frying, sautéing, and stir-frying.

Shop now for healthy oil!

gluten free vanilla extract

Shop Now at gourmet
2 times the potency
Super flavor Vanilla Extract Gluten Free!

No chemicals or nasty synthetic imitations here. Only the best organic vanilla beans are used before Heilala's cold extraction and unique aging process takes place, resulting in a true vanilla aroma and the purest taste imaginable.

This versatile extract is perfect for all your baking needs or whenever a recipe calls for vanilla extract or essence. Harvested this year, this vanilla extract tastes like vanilla! Smells more like a bean than alcohol. 2x means it has twice the "vanilla" flavor in it than 1X or most other vanilla's. NO sugar is in 2X and Heilala is wheat free.

Double fold Extract has 37% alcohol. Using a whey alcohol, this ethanol has no allergens, is free from dairy and wheat, and has a less offensive alcohol odor.

Shop now for gluten free 2X Vanilla Extract!

  yuzu kosho
Yuzu Kosho
Fresh and Just Arrived!

moroccan olive oil
Beautiful Oil

With three ticks of the clock and the burn sets in and three coughs and you know you have an awesome olive oil. A full feel, the tip of the tongue gets this great olive taste, almost as if you are eating the olive from which it came.

olive oil buy me

Cooking Class!

Cooking Classes with Chef Erin - Greek Meza Class
Move over tapas, make room for Meze - Greek Small Plates. Like their Spanish cousins, Meze (meh-ZAY) are tasty tidbits that can be served appetizers, first courses, or party foods. Join Chef Erin and learn to make classic Meze like saganki, dolmades, tzatziki, lamb meatballs and more!

It's vacation time in the schools, bring your budding chef to the shop to try and sample some great foods. Try the new products we have been announcing for the last few weeks!

This Weeks Recipes

Braised Fennel Recipe from
Herbivoracious our friends Michael Natkins cookbook It wasn't enough for him to move the T-rex's stomach in Jurrassic Park, he now moves yours with his easy and great tasting recipes!

Gluten-free Crusty Boule Recipe

Beef Stroganoff Recipe

Bacon Jam Stuffed Potato Skins Recipe

Risotto with Red Cabbage and Pancetta!
Marcella Cucina from the fabulous Marcella Hazan. Let's face it, you should have at least one cookbook from Marcella, and really more is better.

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