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Oak Honey


Cider Vinegar

sumac Neutalizing Radicals

cinnamon bark with bite
ceylon cinnamon

ortiz tuna swimming

zing bar zzzang!
candy bar

rice bran oil squeezed
rice bran oil

anchovy anchovy
Don't think of them as fish. They are the secret ingredient to add one to a soup or salad bringing a nice salty sea without overpowering!

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Wild Oak Honey Catalonia Quercus pyrenaica
Wild - Oak Honey

In the upper right corner (NE) of Spain resides Catalonia, just shy of twelve and half thousand square miles and seven and half million people. Ringed by the Pyrenees Mountains to the North and the Mediterranean Ocean to the west and southwest.

Barcelona, sits on the coast, a richly Mediterranean and cosmopolitan city full of wonderful food. Some of the dishes that could branded “catalonian” are Calcotada, Pan a la Catalana, Zarzuela de marisco, and Esqueixada.

This is where the Quercus pyrenaica, or Wild., one of 75 oak species in the world grow. Many years ago we had this very special honey on the shelves. And then we couldn’t get it anymore. But, now it’s back.

If you know “tree” honeys, that is honeys from trees, you know they have a distinct flavor. With a bit of “woodiness” to them, a strong, firm flavor. And in addition, what I would call "sharp" or "bitter twang". It’s a bitter twang that is music to honey lovers.

This harvest of Wild Oak Honey to me is the smoothest we have ever had. It’s distinct flavor is an easy memory recall, and this is one likable honey! Let a spoonful of honey savor in the mouth and after a bit you might get a tingle of burn in the back of the upper throat! Wonderful!

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The Nations bitters Bitters are Better
Not just for mixers! Try flavor enhancing food.

Bitters are perhaps as old as time itself (or not...); the mystery of using flora and fauna, (well, not fauna ...) for reasons of restoring health or combating sickness has been around since the dinosaurs ate horsetail ferns (or not...)

A bit cloudy as to its origins, today's Bitters are direct descendants of the Bitters of the 1800’s. In fact, there are Bitters from the 1800's that are still sold today. Bitters reached their zenith of popularity in the mid to late 1800's.

Once marketed as a cure-all medicinal, they were sold as a way to cure upset stomach, or as a way to cure almost anything really. Digestive and cocktail versions are now classified as a non-beverage, alcohol-based ingredient product, similar to Vanilla extract. Comprised usually of water, alcohol, spices and herbs, a Bitters revival started in the 90's, and has in the last two years, become a hot product in trendy bars.

Bitters are just that; bitter. Used as a flavoring in both mixed drinks and food, they add a dimension of flavor that makes whatever you are making snap. Measured in dashes, the potent drops can be a huge flavor changer or a subtle addition. Use them in goulash, braised pork, wonton soup, or tartar sauce. Or add them to ice cream, to coffee or to key lime pie.

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Apple Cider Vinegar Gravenstein

apple vinegar
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The very best
Apple Cider Vinegar

This Apple Cider Vinegar is an eye opener! When you first taste this Cider Vinegar, you taste apple! And the true surprise is when you taste, you taste not only the apple, but the varietal, Gravenstein! It's a "slap-your-forehead-I-get-it-now", this how food should taste moment.

What to do with the apple cider vinegar? Think cabbage and cole slaw. Or salad dressings. Sprinkle turkey, goat cheese, and I really like pork chops splashed with Apple Cider Vinegar and then topped on the plate with apple sauce! Perfection!

Vinegar's long history includes uses other than culinary. Apple cider vinegar has been a folk remedy used for hundreds of years. Claimed benefits have included: aiding in digestion, lowering blood pressure, helping with weight control, improving memory and even relieving arthritis. Although we can't vouch for any of these, we know folks who've taken to making up an afternoon "tonic" of one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, one tablespoon of honey and one of warm water…who knows what benefits it may bring!

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reed avocados
Fabulous Reeds!
There is nothing like it in the world of avocados! The most gorgeous of all! May be in limited supply if the heat continues. Order now!

Hot Beans

Addictive, Green, Spicy, Crunchy, Addictive! Can't eat just one!

hot green beans green beans

Still room! Cooking Class in August!

Cooking Classes with Chef Lesa - Little Plates - Big Flavors Class
Be prepared for any pot-luck or holiday meal, or throw an appetizer party this year -- after all, "small plates" are all the rage. Add to your repertoire with five easy recipes from Lesa's list of quick and easy, go-to hors d'ouevres. She will show you how to make some of the recipes she uses when catering for others or throwing a party at home. Five fool-proof winners that are simple to make and guaranteed to please. Recipes include: Cheese Tartlettes with Cranberry Relish, Radishes with Truffle Butter and Sea Salt, Flank Steak Skewers with Horseradish-Mustard Sauce, White Pepper Shortbread Cookies with Chocolate Drizzle, and more...

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