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I am drinking some now in water, no ice, watching a bad movie… and writing the newsletter. Thank goodness for d'arbo!

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Chef Louis Tomato Soup, Cook Don Chef Louis
The Bakery Restaurant

In 1962, The Bakery Restaurant was opened in Chicago by the great Chef, Chef Louis Szathmary. In 1980, one of my dearest friends and former classmate, Don, got a job in Chef Louis' kitchen. It was a job. A job so that he could pursue his photography career. Don ended up being Chef Louis' "night shift" Chef. No fancy names, like Sous Chef, or Chef de Cuisine; just the "Night Cook."

That is how Don, for the most part, views the world and the kitchen. Nothing fancy, just plain cooking. But, what amazing dishes he creates! The subtleties that exude from within one of his dishes are exquisite. It is the "personality" that comes through his hands that makes every meal a treat.

I was reminded of this when, on a recent trip to Chicago to meet with my friend Marc about a company there, we got to talking about food. Marc loves food, and he brought up how he missed The Bakery as a great place to have dinner. I casually mentioned that my friend, Don, used to be the cook there. From then on the trip was about meeting Don.

I mentioned to Don about the tomato soup - a dish Marc remembered fondly from so long ago. Don chuckled and said there was nothing special in the soup - just a combination of canned tomato juice and paste. Of course, that is not really true. That's that humble stuff I mentioned. Don suggested he make us dinner, including the tomato soup that Marc was pining over.

The soup was perfect, just as Marc remembered. And, the Spaetzle and Goulash was just as Louie would have made it. But, our favorite dish that night was the chicken livers - a recipe Don made up on the spot! We were licking the plates clean of the sauce!

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Chef Louis with his night shift cook The hands
Make the Difference!
It is Don's hands that make the difference. His years with Chef Louis yelling at him, and the ability to feel the food as he makes it, creates the personality of the dish.

Like all good dinners, the conversation is inspired by the food, and, in some ways, vice versa - the conversation leads to more food....

Don made a comment to me that we prefer foods that are simple and stand on their own. It is true, we at ChefShop like a product to stand on its own - with the core of the item to be what carries the product. It takes people like Don to blend the products that we find into a food we love!

It is important to note that, as Don told us, Chef Louis came from the service industry, and the tomato soup consists of opening a bunch of cans and mixing them together - along with some dried herbs and spices. And as much as we, at, like to believe it is all about the ingredients, sometimes it's not. Great cooking is about people, and what amazing things you can create from scratch.

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blood orange olive oil

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Citrus Olive Oil
Switch from Lemon to Blood Orange
Though we often think of lemons for citrus in combination with our favorite dishes and especially that freshly caught trout, when it comes to other proteins, Blood Orange to me adds a liveliness to a dish. And in the heat of the summer I turn to Blood Orange Oil. The citrus of the Blood Orange adds to your favorite citrus salads with it's sweetness - it compliments and enhances the flavors.

This bottle contains the most refreshing blood orange oil we've ever tasted. Unlike infused oils, which tend to lose flavor, crushing fruit and olives together maintains the pure flavor of each.

This oil is made with a special variety of organic red orange from Sicily that has a red vein running through the pulp. The lovely orange flavor balances beautifully with the organic Classico Harvest extra-virgin olive oil. It is the perfect oil to brighten your salads, shellfish, and vegetable dishes.

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  organic garlic
organic garlic!
Harvesting Soon! Organic Hardneck Garlic! Multiple varieties to choose from.

Purple Glazer

The "purple" color is cool, but the garlic itself is a good, strong flavor that is not hot. Still in stock.

emmer garlic

Cooking Class!

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This is the time of year that the Farmer's Market is over-flowing with options, and recipes abound with the abundance of summer in the Pacific Northwest. Learn how to combine some of those lovely and delicious summer crops, with some fine pantry staples, to fill your families summer table. List of Recipes: Lemon-thyme Spring Crostini, Beluga Lentil Salad with Smoky Blue Cheese Saute of Kale, Spring Vegetables and Flageolet Beans Chickpea Salad with Einkorn, Arugula and Chive Dressing

Seafair has passed and it's safe to get back on the road. Saturday is a great day to stop by.

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