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Bee Honey

Spanish Almonds

Piquillo Peppers

garlic organic

organic garlic killarney red
hot garlic

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balsamic 30th anniversary

organic pluot flavor grenade
organic pluot

reed avocado the green bomb
The most pleasurable avocado you will ever have. Half of a Reed is like having two "regular" avocados. But it's the smooth, buttery, richness that will win you over.

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katz pastoral flower honey A honey that any bear would love
Field Collected Sweet Clover and Alfalfa honey

With a hit of cinnamon followed by the pastoral sweet flower as the honey glides across the tongue. For me, I get a little tingle at the back of the throat as it finishes with hints of vanilla. Described by my Uncle as non-floral with a richness to it that other honeys often don’t have. It has a sweetness, like a fine wine, that stays on the tongue long after the honey is gone.

This honey is quite nice, smooth, honey-like, without being sickly sweet or gummy. The finish is clean and enjoyable. The color is amber with a deepness.

When topping a Raincoast Crisps cracker with Purple Haze from Cypress Grove Chevre, it is perfection!

Not just for cheese, it can compliment fall fruit like a Honey Crisp Apple or your favorite fruit crumble.

Like all the honeys we carry, it is un-pasteurized, and bottled at or below the temperature of the hive to preserve the natural health benefits of honey.

The availability of all natural honey, or lack there of, is becoming more evident as our suppliers are letting us know that their supply this year is less than half what was even last year. The fancy way of talking about it is “colony collapse”, no matter what you call it, the reality is the bees are dying, not one ore two at a time, but in the case in Oregon, 50,000 wild bumblebees were killed all at once from pesticides.

Theories abound about why, but it there are clear links to one chemical at this point. Neonicotinoids, a relatively new pesticide, appears to have clear path to death of the bee. You can sign up here to halt the use until more studies are completed.

In the case of our food chain, Almonds, Apples, Asparagus, Avocados, Broccoli, Blueberry, Onion, Cherries are 90 to 100% dependent on the bee. 33% of our crops over all are dependent on the bee.

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Marcona almonds from spain Marcona Almonds
are perfect to eat right now!
Like hazelnuts from Piedmont and Sicilian pistachios, Marcona almonds from Spain are prized the world over - some even say Marcona almonds are the finest in the world.

Almost round and very flat, Marcona almonds look different from garden-variety almonds, and they have a richer, more intensely nutty flavor.

Our Marcona almonds are toasted in oil and lightly salted, and the result is a crisp, tender and super-flavorful almond. If you haven't had them, try them at least once...we bet you won't be sorry!

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piquillo peppers from spain

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Piquillo Peppers
Spain’s “Little Beaks”
Although Piquillo peppers are known by most as a Spanish pepper, what most people don’t know is that peppers are actually a new-world food.

Originally brought back from South America by Christopher Columbus and crew, similar to the story of the tomato and Italian food, the pepper has become all but synonymous with Spanish cuisine.

Harvested over two periods between September and December, these little peppers are only about 3 inches long when fully ripe, but they pack a powerful punch – bitter punch, that is.

Grown primarily in the alluvial sand in the Riberna, in the Navarra region of Spain, these pimentos del piquillo are extremely bitter in their raw state. It’s not until they are grilled over an open fire until their skins are completely charred, and their skins and seeds removed, that they become the sweet treat that we all love, with almost no bitterness, and no heat.

It’s culinary alchemy at its best. But all the labor comes at a price, and piquillos are not cheap. But the smoky sweetness is well worth it.

In Peru, where these little peppers first began, they process the peppers much the same way. Not only are these babies bursting with a peppery sweetness that goes so well with so many things, but they are perfectly whole right out of the can every time - it’s like god made them just for stuffing.

Although not quite as smoky as their Spanish cousins, they are so nicely processed and packed, they are hard to resist. Whether stuffed with goat cheese or Parmigiano Reggiano and baked until all melty, or packed with Ortiz tuna and capers and eaten cold, there is just nothing that compares.

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  reed avocado
The very Best!
It's not just the size, it's the flavor that makes them great! More flavor with less "avocado" taste as we know it. Smooth and creamy, don't think they won't draw you in and make you eat it all in one sitting!

rice oil
Rice Bran

Oil. Could this be the miracle fat that helps us get skinny? We don't know but our jug is close to empty, so time to restock.

rice bran rice bran

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