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Truffles Tubers

Kerfuffle over truffles,
un sapore molto forte.

Truffles are even in the movies, including this incorrect quote;

Maverick: This is what I call a truffle rich environment!

Goose: You live your life with your stomach Mav.

Maverick: Goose, even you could appreciate a truffle in a place like this.

Goose: Hell, I’d be happy to just find a dish that would smell like one.

Truffles are an important food in the food world, if not just to talk about them. The memory of a shaved truffle on pasta or the aroma of one tiny little tuber and how it filled the room with its presence is a story you can tell for a lifetime. This fungi is an amazing occurrence in nature!

Did you know that Truffles are an important element in the ancient forests of the northwest. Protected from poaching in some places, they are key to enriching the soil for the roots of the tallest conifers to the newest understory plants.

The mycelium of the fruiting body of subterranean fungus, one of many tubers, the truffle has direct contact with roots and helps to gather water and nutrients from the soil. In turn the roots feed the fungus sugars from photosynthesis above ground. A beneficial relationship to both and the forest as a whole.

Though truffles have an important symbiotic relationship to the forests, all Mycorrhizal fungi do not taste the same. There are hundreds of truffle fungi.

The most prized are from France and Italy. And as spectacular as they are, truffles are not for everyone. The distinct smell is too much for some and for others they swoon at the mention of a truffle aroma!

Fresh is best when they first come out of the ground and not much longer than that. The more they travel the less potent they are. Though flying to Umbria to have truffle pasta might be worth it for some, for others the time spent is too much.

This fungus is all about the smell and the aroma it imparts in your nostrils. The “taste” is the smell not the bite.

So if you want truffles in your life year round these truffle products are the ones you want to check out. Look for organic ones and ones without truffle “aroma” and “essence” in the ingredients.

See Jane in a protected Oregon forest talk about the truffle - a video

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Savini Tartufi Dwarf Peaches Black Truffles
Dwarf Peaches
with Black Truffle!

One of my favorites!

"The seed of a dwarf peach - a variety of peach-nectarine grown in Southern Italy - is soft and chewable because the fruit is picked prematurely, before it is fully formed. Dwarf peaches are packed with black truffles, whose aroma they completely soak up. They are deliciously crunchy and fragrant tiny pickles, which you can eat right out of the jar, but they are a terrific garnish for a platter of prosciutto and other deli meats, or alongside grilled fish or roast chicken. Hard to resist!"
-- Victor Hazan

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Katz Apple Cider Vinegar Gravenstein
Gravenstein Apples

This is the best Cider Vinegar on the planet!

This Katz Gravenstein Apple Cider Vinegar is a revelation, a vision, a lightening bolt of amazement! Yes it’s just vinegar, but a little sip with just your lips and you can taste the sweetness, the shape, the roundness of the apple, you can taste the apple!

It makes you realize that you don't need to have industrial grade cleaner, apple cider vinegar in your body.

I called Albert to ask him why his was so amazing, and though he is never shy to say how much he likes his stuff, he never says it’s his “hands” that make it great. (It is!) What we did discuss are ideas, like the fact that the Gravenstein apple has a natural tart, sweet flavor. And that the Gravenstein apple is still a true “breed”.

The one word that describes this vinegar to him is "quaffable". More than five years ago he had some gut issues and nothing was working. So he started drinking his Katz Gravenstein apple cider vinegar; 1/8 cup vinegar with 12 ounces of mineral water. And it worked. He has had no issues since.

Lovely, fragrant, mellow vinegar

"A really nice, delicately flavored vinegar. I used it to make cole slaw and it added a lovely apple-y note to it (much more subtle and flavorful than other apple cider vinegars). I also found 1 Tbsp in a glass of water very effective for heartburn (after the cole slaw)."

-- likes to travel, loves to eat


"My daughter needs to take vinegar for her stomach and when I gave her a bottle of this for her Christmas stocking she was blown away by how good it tasted. She told me it had a rich apple flavor with mild vinegar tartness, better than anything she's ever had in the past. She loved it!"
-- steve

cure your cough

"I've had a very bad cough for a few days and a friend heard me coughing and suggested that I try some apple cider to reduce my congestion. This cider vinegar wasn't too acidic so it was easy on the throat and the taste was just enough apple combined with the right amount of vinegar flavor. The taste was delicious and my cough was relieved."
-- jodi

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Rice Bran Oil
Rice Bran Oil

Best high heat oil around!

"I can't swear to the health benefits included in the product's description, but it is definitely the best oil for use in high heat cooking I've ever seen. I've used peanut oil, avocado oil, almond oil, etc. and nothing has a higher smoke point than this rice bran oil. It's neutral in flavor and has a very long shelf life. I love it."
-- gregory

the best

"The best cooking oil i've ever used. like the previous reviewer, i too don't know the veracity of the health claims, but this is the best neutral oil around. by far."
-- robert


"Anytime I fry something I use this oil. Very light. Great value too!"
-- monica

Love this Stuff

"This is a great option for stir-frying and use in baked goods etc. I often use coconut oil, which is great healthwise, but has a strong flavor that isn't always appropriate for what I am cooking. I was tired of using vegetable oil for my pan frying and cakes due to the negative health benefits. This has become my go-to oil for these tasks as it is pretty affordable and works wonderfully. I highly recommend you try it!"
-- april

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Bonito Flakes Katsuobushi
Not just for Dashi

Think of Bonito Flakes for flavoring

These thin shavings of bonito, a fish similar to tuna, are an essential ingredient in Japanese cuisine. These dried bonito flakes are often combined with kombu seaweed to make dashi, the base stock for many Japanese soups and broths. But that's just the beginning.

In addition to its many uses in traditional Japanese cooking, we think bonito is a great addition to any pantry. It's a versatile, easy-to-use seasoning that adds a slightly smoky flavor to all sorts of salads, dips and dressings. It's also terrific for enhancing steamed or sautéed vegetables, with or without tofu. And another discovery…if you like bonito, keep it out of reach of your gourmet-inclined cat!

Delicate and subtle!!

"These are of excellent quality. Made for the finest dishes from quality fish. There are many grades and subtle packaging differences. Try them and you will see how good they are. We get almost weekly deliveries to maintain freshness."
-- shopkeeper

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Summerdown Mint Chocolate Peppermint Creams
Summerdown Mint Chocolate Peppermint Creams!

Perfect Little Peppermints

"These are addictive. They are the Platonic ideal of the peppermint bite. They taste just like you hope they will."
-- laura

Now my favorite chocolate mints!

"I try all brands of chocolate covered mints and this is the first time I have tried these. They are now my favorite. They are very fresh and delicious."
-- Jacqueline

Chocolate and mint have been a classic marriage since 1674, when a fashionable London cafe invented the combination. These wonderful confections are slim rounds enrobed in dark chocolate with creamy peppermint centers. And not just any peppermint, either.

These mints are made with traditional Black Mitcham peppermint - for centuries, the true flavor of England's famed mint, but a variety that died out due to changes in 20th-century farming. After generations, Summerdown, the producer, has reintroduced this variety, thus bringing back the mint's particular flavor - soft and lingering, with a cool, intense flavor.

Shop now for Summerdown Mint Chocolate Peppermint Creams!

! Cane Syrup Steens 100% Pure

100 Percent Cane Syrup

This syrup is made the old fashioned way in open kettles. Nothing extracted, nothing added. Just 100% goodness. As in days past, Steen's still harvests ripened cane at the sweetest state of maturity. The cane is then ground and the juice extracted. The sweet juice is then cooked to perfection in open kettles. When it's just the right clarity and consistency, it becomes Steen's Pure Cane Syrup.

The Best

"I replace all corn syrup in recipes with this natural cane syrup. No more tummy bloat! No more itchy throats. We’re just too allergic to corn syrup. This is excellent for tea, coffee & hot chocolate. Bakes great."
-- violet

Shop now for Steen's 100% Pure Cane Syrup

Villa Jerada Amlou Argan Almond Butter

Argan Almond Butter

A fabulous Nut Butter

This is a special offer from Villa Jerada. Buy one of his other products like Harissa, Chermoula or Saffron and get it for this amazing price. Whilst supplies last and inventory on hand.

Consider beyond PB & J with dishes like Shrimp in Thai Coconut Sauce, Curry Chicken, peanut sauce and chili.

This healthy ingredient is smooth like a creamy peanut butter and has a distinct taste that is incredibly addictive. With your first spoonful, as you lick and then smoosh it around, flavors of the argan, the almonds and the sweetness of the honey blend perfectly. Just a tiny bit of texture keeps it interesting as you press your tongue to the roof of you mouth and finish the taste.

At first you think it's just a "peanut" or some other nut butter, and of course by name it is. As an ingredient or as food by itself it is completely different. The mixture of these three healthy ingredients is special indeed.

Amlou - Amalou has been around for a long time. Often associated with the Berber Tribes and one of the foods carried when trekking long distances. The argan oil, the wildflower honey and the almonds are blended to create this healthy treat. Villa Jerada uses more Argan oil than others so you get the health benefits and the flavor to stand out.

Shop now for Amlou Argan Almond Butter!

* Parmigiano-Reggiano Update

UPDATE - Parmigiano-Reggiano
time-to-cut delayed

They sent the wrong cheese. We expected to cut-the-cheese by now, but when the wheels arrived we found them to be from the lowlands and not the mountains. (It matters.) Unfortunately, these negotiations take time. And we are now expecting the correct wheels to arrive early fall. Those of you with orders, we apologize for the delay. It does mean that if you missed the order deadline there is now time.

Shop now for Parmigiano-Reggiano

! Hummingbird Raw Hawthorn Honey
Hummingbird Hawthorn!

Raw Honey!

This small tree shrub-like plant has wonderful flowers, filled with a nectar which attracts hummingbirds and bees.

This honey is pourable, smooth and gentle. Not too sweet, it floats on the tongue and in the cavity of the mouth like a cloud. Hawthorn honey tastes just like you envision honey should taste when your eyes are closed.

A perfect honey to have always on hand.

Shop now for Hummingbird Raw Hawthorn Honey!

* Fresh Bing Cherries
Bing Cherries

The Bing cherry was our first foray into fresh, tree-ripened, picked-at-its-peak fruit. In late June, 2001, we waited with great anticipation for the arrival of our first box of cherries. When we opened that first box, the aroma was enchanting. We immediately dove in and consumed at least half of those dark cherry fruits, right in the middle of our warehouse.

Over the course of the next few days, we ate our way through the fresh bing cherries, at home and at work, sharing one or two with customers who happened to be in the store and a few with our UPS drivers.

In June and July, Washington-grown dark cherry fruits are widely available in local grocery stores, and they look mighty good. So every year we buy some - just to check out our competition. And every year, we are happy to report our fresh bing cherries - direct from the orchards of the Stennes Family Farms - are just better. They're bigger, juicier, firmer and more flavorful, and we are thrilled to offer them to you.

Bing Cherries are the most popular variety of sweet cherry. The taste of that mahogany red flesh is a signature summer experience in Washington State. Washington produces some of the finest cherries, apples, and pears in the world, but most of that fruit is picked early - before the fruit is actually ripe because it needs to travel by truck or train across the country to reach your supermarkets.

Bing Cherries are the first of the fresh dark cherries to arrive every year. At, they are available for just one day a year - the day they are shipped out to you.

Buy Bing cherries today to make sure you will receive the fruit the way nature intended it to be eaten - juicy and perfectly ripe. Once you have tried The Stennes' big, juicy, sweet, tree-ripened fresh Bing Cherries, you'll understand how exceptional they are and why we think they are the very best.

Best Bing Cherries!!

"Every cherry was perfect, fat, sweet and crispy. Year after year they arrive at the peak of perfection."
-- sally

Place your order now to reserve your Fresh Bing Cherries!

We rearranged the shop!
Come check it out!

Fresh Sweet Washington Cherries Getting Ready for the Cherries

This time of year we try to plan. Plan the best we can. We clean the clean room, and we count the boxes and the pads, twice. And we try to control ourselves and not email Kevin more than once a day about when he might harvest the first of our cherries.

Kevin, you see, is our interface with his family orchards. And though, remarkably, he is pretty gosh darn accurate, predicting exactly when the fruit is primed and perfect for picking-at-their-peak is a shot-in-the-dark. And, along with his brother, Mark, they manage to come pretty close to knowing when the pick will happen. It must be that the fruit talks to them.

And, given that the weather in the last few days, plays such an important variable to when the cherries are perfect for picking, it makes the countdown unpredictable.

Yet, we always plan, with great anticipation for the first crunchy bite of cherry! Every year we can’t wait and get so excited to pack the cherries! (If you pack, you get to eat the rejects for quality control.) And it’s when all those friends we haven’t seen all year start dropping by the shop....

Pre-order now for Cherries 2019!

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