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Cashew Brittle


Cocoa Powder

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spanish treat

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spanish tuna spanish tuna
One of our very favorite products, this beautiful, versatile tuna is line-caught, processed when fresh, and packed in olive oil - you can't miss with this!

Shop Now for tuna of the mediterranean!

maize's smoking' hot cashew brittle Sweet as an Angel
Hot as the Devil

It's hot and it's crunchy.

It's delicate and quite munchy.

It's not too thick nor too sticky.

There is not a chewy one in the bunch,

and what you get is an incredible crunch.

Easy to break, it's not easy to make,

it's smokin’ hot cashew brittle.

This Cashew Brittle is addictive. It might be too hot for some, but others have glommed onto it like a butterfinger does to your teeth! It has a following at the shop already!

Full disclosure: I had to eat so much brittle to ensure and to get a good handle on the nuances of how it reacted with my teeth. It did not stick nor adhere, it just crumbled away like I want it to. It's good...

Shop now for the perfect hot crunch

PNW Co-op Pedrosillano Cafe Garbanzo Beans Pedrosillano Café
From land formed from the ice age.

The Non-GMO Pedrosillano Café Garbanzo is smaller in stature than their brother, the York, yet they swell by 15% after soaking. These really smooth beans, with a bit of nuttiness, are a favorite with chefs wanting to make the very best hummus. As versatile as all garbanzos are, they are also great in salads and soups.

How are these different than the commodity beans you see in the market? Traceable and fresh. From planting to harvest, from bagging to us, every bean has a route we know! It's this freshness that makes them better. I expect the natural growing process of the amazing Palouse doesn't hurt either.

Pacific Northwest Farmers Co-Op is made up of family farms, generations old, spanning over a 100 years. Located in Idaho and Washington states in an area called The Palouse, an area that is ripe for sustainable farming.

These naturally formed rolling hills make up what is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Hidden under the mounds is a Silty Loess, remnant from an ice age past, that stores the winter snow melt to help water and feed the crops in the summer. With conscientious crop rotation, cover cropping, and minimal tillage, this careful stewardship of the land results in using almost 50% less fossil fuels per crop acre.

Shop now for Café Garbanzo Beans!

Pernigotti Cocoa Powder

Shop Now at gourmet
If you didn't know
Pernigotti Cocoa is the secret you should know!

What our long time customers are saying...

"I have been using this exclusively for years now. I have a 'secret' brownie recipe that I make with this cocoa, syrup made from the cocoa and only the best ingredients. ....... Sometimes I mix just a touch into my coffee for a treat."

"If you have not tried this yet you need to. You WILL NOT be disappointed!!!"

"Bought for truffle-making Christmas. Wow, this is the best! I have always loved Valhrona, but glad I gave this a try. I planned to share/ gift give, as 500 truffles later, I've hardly used any......... Can't say enough great things about it. …."

"I just received my first order of Pernigotti Cocoa. .... It has an incredible taste, I could smell it thru the double bagging. It is just GREAT!"

"I would highly recommend it and for 2.2 lbs it really is quite a bargain!"

Shop now for the absolute cocoa favorite!
stuffed olives

Blue Cheese Olives for the perfect martini!

lemon olive
Meyer Lemon

This olive oil is one of the finest creations on the planet! We have loved it thru it's first days, to plentiful crops, to almost none. This year reminds us how awesome (and why it sells out) an oil can be. It crushes the competition!

lemon oil buy me

Cooking Class!

Cooking Classes with Chef Pam - Small Plates and Appetizers Class
Be prepared for any pot-luck or holiday meal, or throw an appetizer party this year -- after all, "small plates" are all the rage. Add to your repertoire with five easy recipes from Pam's list of quick and easy, go-to hors d'ouevres. She will show you how to make some of the recipes she uses when catering for others or throwing a party at home. Five fool-proof winners that are simple to make and guaranteed to please.

Saturday is going to be the perfect day for coming to visit. Partly cloudy is expected. Perfect weather for making pasta with meatballs!

This Weeks Recipes

Curried Carrot Soup Recipe Adapted from
A Gluten-Free Girl, by Shauna James Ahern (Wiley, 2007)

Gluten-free Crusty Boule Recipe

Three Dipping Sauces with Parmigiano-Reggiano Recipe

Asparagus with Blood Oranges Recipe

Chicken Potpie with Phyllo Crust Recipe adapted from one of our most reliable and favorite cookbooks!
Cooking for Comfort by Marian Burros

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