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It's time to bake!

As a baker, you're a planner. Now is the time to plan for baking season!
Did you know that we have a Baking section? We have many hard-to-find ingredients, ones that are typically only found in commercial bakeries, and some just plain good stuff. And, if you can't find it, but you are looking for it, let us know and we will see what we can do. Sometimes, it's better to have arrowroot than substituting with cornstarch. Or vanilla powder, when you need vanilla without liquid or bean. (One gram of vanilla powder is equal to one bean!) We've advanced beyond the magic easy-bake oven, stirring chocolate in a double boiler, and making our own shortbread (at least some of the time), so get ready, set, and bake!

Chocolate Perhaps the most important sweet element in baking planning, is chocolate! Here, you will find cocoa nibs, cocoa butter, cocoa powder and of course all the variations of chocolate. From rich milk to 72% Grand Cru bitter sweet. We feature Agostoni, a virtual unknown outside of the commercial chocolate producers, Agostoni most likely makes some of the chocolate you eat today. Known as a private label producer, they have have been producing chocolate for some of the biggest brands out there. So, when you compare, compare to the finest in taste, and don't let the low price fool you! Made for chocolate production, these are so good you can eat them out of your hand.

Decorations From flakes to petals, natural coloring, and sugar, this is where you will find the finishing touches. Did you know that Pink Champagne Biscuits are not only for Champagne, but also for the classic pink cake. Crush the biscuit into fine crumbs and sprinkle your frosting with them. Voila! Pink!

Extracts & Flavorings Rose Flower, coffee concentrate, double strength (2X) extract of vanilla, and oils of lemon and orange. These concentrated flavors are measured in drops and teaspoons to enhance or even be the main force in your cookies or cakes.

Sugar Nothing like the perfect sweetener for a cake or cookie. From Hail to Isomalt, coconut palm to muscovado sugar, all of these sugars have a reason to exist. Pick one and find a recipe to go with!

Vanilla beans and Extracts Vanilla
Vanilla is a crazy business. So many tricks and it is really hard to know who is growing it and then who is handling the vanilla. That's why we focus on Heilala Vanilla. You can read all about the family from any of the Heilala products.
baking flours Baking Flours
Called Double zero, or 00, this flour is super fine and perfect for hand made pasta, pizza and Panettone. Along with nut flours, bean flours, orzo, and more.

pastry shells Other Stuff
Okay, so it started out as pastry shells and we added miscellaneous. But really it's the other stuff you can't ever find in the logical place. So we put them here. There are some great surprises.
baking nuts Baking Nuts
This has been a tough nut to crack! It ebbs and flows, as suppliers come and go. This almond paste is like candy! And cocoNut is wide and macaroon cut.

lard from mangalitsa Beautiful Lard
It's fall and it's apple pie and crumble season! Add the finishing touch to your baked goods with a bit of lard from the amazing Mangalitsa. Shelf stable just like we used to use a 100 years ago on the farm, but with better rendering.
Cocoa Powder Cocoa
From the best selling cocoa powder to cocoa butter in chips and powder.

baking fruit Fruit for Baking
So important for holiday breads and cookies. Pre-order early, because what we get in is all we get. We sell out of almost all the fruit often before Thanksgiving.
Balsamic Vinegar Balsamic Vinegar
This bottle holds 4 times the amount of La Vecchia Despensa 10-yr balsamic, and normally we only sell it to restaurant chefs. We've decided to offer this incredibly delicious deal to all of our customers!

botanical bakery Muscovado Sugar
This has been a favorite sugar from the moment India Tree started sharing this great find with us almost 15 years ago. Once you go here, you can't go back to that grocery store brown sugar. And don't think that other so called Muscovado sugars come from Mauritius, because they probably don't. And that's the key. It's the actual taste that matters.
olive oil Award Winning Rock Hill
Rock Hill Ranch Olive Oil. It's an oil for olive oil lovers. If you tried a bunch (of oils), then you should try this one for sure. Its won gold for a reason, and you will know right away why.?

Pernigotti cocoa powder Pernigotti Cocoa Powder
This dark, unsweetened cocoa powder is in a class unto itself. Pernigotti, the famed Italian chocolate maker, removes less fat from its cocoa (20-22% fat content), which results in a more intense and immediate chocolate flavor. This wonderful cocoa is Dutch processed and has a touch of ground vanilla bean. Our regulars know what a great cocoa this is! Now back in Stock!
mustard Horseradish Mustard
Looking for a nose flaring, rip-roaring mustard. This is one of them. Try it if you like both Horseradish and mustard it can't be beat!

Speaking of planning - plan for a cooking class in 2013!

Chef Lesa Moroccan Table with Chef Pam Add some spice to your life with exotic Moroccan food. We'll be demonstrating exotic yet simple dishes you can make at home including olives with harissa, chicken tagine with preserved lemons and olives, quinoa "couscous", harissa & chickpea soup, Moroccan coconut "cake"

Look for us on Sundays we might just be open. Look for us to be open soon on Sundays.

This Weeks Recipes

Almond Cake with Cherry Sorbet Recipe
So, this recipe is a bit of a cheat. It uses a premade almond cake from France - but that does not take away from the wonderful flavor of, not only the cake, but the fresh, sweet cherries.

Chocolate Cocoa Brownie Recipe

Pork Chops with Ginger Apple Sauce Recipe
This recipe is adapted from the Fog City Diner Cookbook by Cindy Pawlcyn (Ten Speed Press) Still one of my favorite cookbooks.

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