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Argan Oil

Summer Parmigiano-Reggiano

Grey Salt

flaky sea salt maldon
sea salt

organic olive oil organic italian
olive oil

flower honey flower honey
from the pasture

soy sauce aged 1 year

emmer farro 1/2 million
years old emmer

summer farro summer farro recipe
The summer might be over here in the northwest, but it doesn't mean we can't have the salad we open the summer with! Make it year round!

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The gold of Morocco, Argan Oil Argan oil
Gold of Morocco!

In the arid, near-desert landscape of the southern Atlas Mountains of Morocco grows the ancient Argan Tree. The thorny tree, sole species of the genus Argania, yields a pulpy fruit, beloved mainly by goats, containing a hard kernel; within each kernel are just a very few seeds. And in the heart of each seed is oil: an oil coveted throughout the world.

The Argan Tree grows only in southwestern Morocco, and for generations, Argan oil was virtually unknown elsewhere. But as Morocco becomes recognized for its amazing food, the secret has come out about this amazing oil. Not quite like any other oil, this cold-pressed argan oil is a nutty, lightly toasty, richly flavored yet light-bodied oil that's high in essential unsaturated fatty acids.

Argan oil - the hidden gem in skin preservation and a wonderful preservation of our inner being.

Is it hype or truth?

What is true is that a little goes a long way. Use as a dab on your face or as a finish to a salad, Argan oil has the power to change.

Not only can it be used to rejuvenate your skin and make you look good, Argan oil has been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease by lowering blood pressure and reducing cholesterol.

Some initial testing has shown that this "liquid gold" may reverse the metabolic changes that occur from high sugar diets, to naturally fight diabetes, and with its high levels of antioxidants it has shown initially that argan oil may retard the growth of many of the cancer cells associated with prostate cancer.

That's a pretty impressive list of potential goodness packed in an oil. Now, it is important to understand there is no scientific evidence or studies that we can point to "prove" these claims. And don't conclude that if a little amount is good, a whole bottle a day is better. It's not.

Use Argan oil sparingly for culinary use, and the results will be extra special. Argan oil when combined with almonds invigorates both nuts into a wonderful amlou (recipe) that is a treat on bread. When it comes to greens, argan oil makes for an inspired change in your vinaigrette.

Called liquid gold, called a miracle oil, with claims as big as curing the world's issues, Argan Oil is good for acne, stretch marks, age lines, dry, dull, or frizzy hair, Eczema and Psoriasis; it's food for the skin. Here, we just think about it as food for our soul.

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Summer Parmigiano Reggiano Summer is here!
As summer wanes, enjoy the pastoral
flavors in your cheese.

The arrival of a glorious chunk of Summer Parmigiano-Reggiano is a perfect reason to plan a small food gathering of friends. Drop drops of balsamic vinegar on a chunk of cheese and have a meal!

This Parmigiano-Reggiano is started with a mixture of milk harvested in the summer from a majority of Bruna Alpina and Frisona cows, with a few Vacche Rossa and Montbeillards thrown in, who have been enjoying the summer pastoral flowers and grasses of the Alpine meadows.

Not all Parmigiano-Reggiano is created equally, and they change from season to season. These wheels will be cracked in about three weeks when we ship to you, about 36 months from inception.

Summer cheeses are often the most heady and dense in flavor - due to the concentration of strong summer grasses where the cows forage during that time of year. As compared to, say, milk collected in the winter when the cows are fed a higher concentration of dry hay.

Fine quality mountain Parmigiano-Reggiano should have a sweet, fresh flavor with a long, well-rounded finish. There should be no sharpness or powdery dryness, even with the older cheeses. Since it has been aged over 32 months, it will be dryer than the younger cheese, with a more crumply and grainy texture. There should also be some crunchy calcium crystals.

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The benefits of Grey Seas Salt

sea salt
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The benefits of Grey Salt
Not all Sea Salts are created equal
Most natural sea salts are a product of the earth’s oceans. The Earth’s oceans are composed primarily of eight elements: Oxygen, hydrogen, chlorine, and sodium, with smaller amounts of magnesium, sulfur, calcium and potassium. But there is a long list of about 75 other elements, mostly minerals, which are also present. Our bodies contain many of the same elements, and in surprisingly similar proportions – with the exception that the ocean has a lot more water and we are not as salty.

But not all natural sea salts are created equal. The two main elements that impact the amount of non-sodium chloride content in the sea salt are where (geographical location) the water is from and how the salt is made (artistry).

The process of making sea salt, although fundamentally simple, is actually very difficult and complex, depending on what you are trying to achieve.

Artisan salt makers adjust their salt making processes in an effort to achieve their unique desired mix of minerals in their salt. However, the percent of sodium chloride can vary from as little as 83%, to as much as 99%, depending on where and how the salt is made.

The best example is the salt works in Western France. They produce an amazingly delicious salt called sel gris (or Grey salt). Grey salts are some of the highest levels of non-sodium chloride natural sea salts on the market today. The reason Grey salt is so high in trace minerals is two-fold.

First, the salt dehydrating and crystalizing pans of Brittany and neighboring regions of Western France are made of a fine, Grey silt. As the Grey salt forms in those pans, it picks up small amounts of the Grey silt, both turning the salt Grey, and adding trace elements and natural impurities to the salt – elements that not only add to the flavor, but are good for our bodies.

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  organic olive oil
Organic olive oil!
The best oil of the year. Still!! Something special in this bottle for 2013.

garbanzo beans
Pedrosillano Cafe Garbanzo Beans

It's that time to go from salad to soups. And what better additive than garbanzos?

beans garbanzo beans

NEW Cooking Class!

Cooking Classes with Chef Pam - Morocco!! Class
Add some spice to your life with exotic Moroccan food. We'll be demonstrating exotic yet simple dishes you can make at home including olives with harissa, chicken tagine with preserved lemons and olives, quinoa "couscous", harissa & chickpea soup, Moroccan coconut "cake".

Two great reasons to come in today. Next door to us The "ladies" will be selling off their gift basket making "stuff". After 30 years in biz together they are putting their feet up. And as always we have a little garlic left for the store, Reed Avocados, and Argan Oil. Also, we are trying some new chocolate and sweet syrups and need your opinion. Come in and help us sample.

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